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  • | October 14th, 2011

    Stand-up comedian takes a dig at Shahid Kapoor

    Stand-up comedian takes a dig at Shahid Kapoor

    The vertically-challenged Shahid wears butt-pads only so that he can reach the steering wheel of his car, jokes a comedian

    A roomful of people recently had a rocking time at the Mausam actor’s expense. At his recent gig at the Comedy Store stand-up comedian Karan Talwar took some really mean pot-shots at Sasha. Claiming that they both happen to work out at the same gym, Karan shared an amusing anecdote about Shahid. Apparently every time the actor enters the gym, he doesn’t forget to flaunt his clean-shaven chest. But what’s ironical is the fact that the guy who endorsed Complan during his childhood days hasn’t really transformed into a well-grown man. Click here to read more