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Mahabharat: How will the Pandavas seek revenge from Ashwatthama?

2 years ago 0
Ashwatthama has infuriated the Pandavas. Will he be punished? Read on to know more… In the last episode, we saw Ashwatthama (Ankit Mohan) fulfilling Duryodhan’s (Arpit Ranka) last wishes. Read Article ▶

Mahabharat: What is Duryodhan’s next move against the Pandavas?

2 years ago 0
The Dharmayuddha is about to end. What does Duryodhan have in mind? Read on to know more.. In the last episode, we saw the Dharmayuddha getting bloodier where Bheem (Saurav Gurjar) and Sahadeva (Lavanya Bhardwaj) were seen giving a tough fight to Duryodhan (Arpit Ranka). Read Article ▶

Mahabharat: I can’t say Pooja Sharma and I are friends, says Shaheer Sheikh aka Arjun!

2 years ago 3
The actor in an interview with a popular daily opened up about his link-up rumours with co-star Pooja Sharma Shaheer Sheikh has gained fame and immense popularity through his role of Arjuna in Star Plus’s hit show Mahabharat. Read Article ▶

Mahabharat: Will Arjun kill Karn?

2 years ago 0
Krishna asks Arjun to put an end to Karna’s life. Will he do it? Read on to know more… In the last episode, we saw Duryodhan (Arpit Ranka) being shattered upon learning about Dushasan’s (Nirbhay Wadhwa) death. Read Article ▶

Mahabharat: Will Bheem succeed in seeking revenge from Dushasan?

2 years ago 0
Bheem wants to avenge Draupadi’s humiliation. Will he succeed? Read on to know more… In the last episode, we saw the demise of the mighty Abhimanyu (Paras Arora) at the hands of Karn (Aham Sharma). Read Article ▶

Mahabharat: Will Abhimanyu’s life come to an end?

2 years ago 1
Arjun’s son Abhimanyu has entered the chakravyuh and doesn’t know his way out. Does this mean an end to his life? Read on to know more… In the last episode, we saw Bheem(Saurav Gurjar) going ahead to kill 30 Kauravas while Drupad was seen blocking Duryodhan(Arpit Ranka). Read Article ▶

Mahabharat: Arpit Ranka shoots despite injury

2 years ago 0
Model-turned-actor Arpit Ranka, who essays the role of Duryodhan in Mahabharat, has been shooting for the mythological drama series despite suffering from a swollen knee After experiencing acute pain in his knee, doctors were called from Arpit’s hometown Jaipur as well as Mumbai, who diagnosed him with knee effusion and advised complete bed-rest for three […] Read Article ▶

What’s brewing between Pooja Sharma and Vin Rana?

2 years ago 0
There has been a lot of talk about the man in Pooja aka Draupadi’s life, but the actor always maintained that she was single At the recent after party of Star Parivaar awards 2014, we heard that Pooja Sharma and Vin Rana, who plays Nakula in Mahabharat were seen dancing and cozying up with each […] Read Article ▶

Mahabharat: Is Shaheer Sheikh dating Pooja Sharma?

2 years ago 1
Rumours suggest that the stars of Mahabharat are more than “just friends” Shaheer Sheikh, popularly known for his role as Arjun in Star Plus’ hit series Mahabharat is dating co-star Pooja Sharma, who plays Draupadi. At least that’s what the gossip mills suggest. Read Article ▶

Mahabharat latest promo: Krishna predicts war’s aftermath to Draupadi!

2 years ago 0
War is never a solution to peace Mahabharat the epic war between the good and evil, Pandavas and Kauravas is about to begin. Arjun (Shaheer Sheikh) and Duryodhan (Arpit Ranka) have to choose between Lord Krishna (Saurabh Raaj) and the narayani sena and Arjun make his pick by choosing the Lord instead of a huge […] Read Article ▶
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Pooja Sharma aka Draupadi from Mahabharat feels that the cheer haran sequence was toughest one!

2 years ago 0
The petite actor also speaks about her equation with Saurabh Raj Jain aka Krishna… Model-turned-actor Pooja Sharma, seen as Draupadi in mythological TV drama Mahabharat, says the show has been a training ground for her and describes cheer haran (disrobing) as the toughest shooting sequence. The show, which went on air September 2013 on Star Plus, has […] Read Article ▶

Shaheer Sheikh: Playing Arjun in Mahabharat was emotionally draining for me

2 years ago 1
EXCLUSIVE: The actor talks about changing his personality, his looks, body language, and dialect to play Arjun. He talks about his equation with the Pandavaas and Draupadi and why he is still single To see Shaheer Sheikh aka Ananth from being this thin simple guy to a brawny hot dude was a sight for sore […] Read Article ▶

Mahabharat: Pandavas and Draupadi’s disguise during the Agyaat Vaas revealed – View pics!

2 years ago 0
In the last match of dice, the Pandavas and Kauravas were forced to leave Hasthinapur along with their wife, Draupadi After spending 12 years of exile in the forest, the Pandavas were stipulated by their agreement with the Kauravas to spend the thirteenth year incognito. Read Article ▶

Mahabharat new promo: After vastraharan, Draupadi amidst more trouble?

2 years ago 0
If the cheer-haran episode, we saw and angry Draupadi lash out at Pandavas, but trouble continues for Paanchali On exile Draupadi aka Pooja Sharma is confronted with a trying situation. She has a visitor and no food to serve. Sage Durvasha and his disciples have decided to halt at Draupadi’s hut for lunch. A troubled […] Read Article ▶

Mahabharat: Dushasan aka Nirbhay Wadhwa not scared of being typecast as a baddie – Watch Cheerharan promo!

2 years ago 1
The game of dice has taken an ugly turn that has left Pandavas helpless thanks to their oath Dushasan aka Nirbhay Wadhwa who shot the Draupadi cheerharan shot with Draupadi aka Pooja Sharma and the rest of the cast for Mahabharat is unaffected by the baddie tag that he will carry after the episode goes […] Read Article ▶