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7 reasons why Ajay Devgn’s and Tabu’s Drishyam gets its ASS kicked by Mohanlal’s original flick!

1 year ago 4
Miscasting, wasting good actors, horrendous costumes…issues that plagued the remake! The Hindi version of the the Malayalam blockbuster, Drishyam, released last week. The Ajay Devgn and Tabu starrer has opened to middling reviews and lukewarm opening! Since Drishyam is a movie that worked in every language it got released, WTF happened here? Read Article ▶

Drishyam movie review: This film is a must watch for Ajay Devgn and Tabu’s electrifying performances!

1 year ago 0
The film will release in theatres this Friday. Here’s BollywoodLife’s review! What’s it about: A remake of the 2013 Malayalam release of the same name, Drishyam stars Ajay Devgn as Vijay a righteous family man living in Goa. Vijay runs a cable TV business and believes in always supporting the truth. His honest nature often […] Read Article ▶
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Drushyam quick movie review – Venkatesh, Meena salvage the film’s amatuerish treatment

2 years ago 3
While the story is appealing, it is the treatment that lacks punch Fans have high expectations from Dagubatti Venkatesh’s realistic family drama. Our reviewer Subramanian Harikumar is presently watching the film and here is what he had to say about his first impression of the film. Read Article ▶