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Shocking! Popular young actress groped by her critically acclaimed actor on set

4 days ago 27
Not so long ago there was buzz about these two actors' fall out however the real reason was not known until now... This young popular actress… Read Article ▶

This young star wants to flaunt his butt on and off screen much to his hot girlfriend’s embarrassment!

2 weeks ago 5
Looks like this young star is obsessed with his own booty. A gen next superstar we hear cannot get enough of his derriere on screen and off screen… Read Article ▶

This top Bollywood actress misplaced jewellery worth lakhs of rupees on her film’s sets!

1 month ago 9
Working with this heroine has proved to be a nightmare for her film's director and producer This top heroine's recklessness recently cost her film's… Read Article ▶

This young actor and Bollywood hottie are the newest couple in town!

1 month ago 11
Buzz is that love is in the air for this Bollywood hunk, who was not only being sought by his ex at a recent award abroad, but also managed win a new… Read Article ▶

This Bollywood hottie’s past affairs seems to have scared his ladylove!

2 months ago 15
The new lady in this hot Bollywood actor's life was in for a shock recently... This Bollywood actor recently had an oops moment in real life when… Read Article ▶

This hot Bollywood beauty was bitching about her co-star with whom she delivered a hit!

2 months ago 51
We've often seen how two faced Bollywood stars are. But this episode seems to only highlight B-town's hypocritical side. This Bollywood actress was… Read Article ▶

Fresh out of a debacle, this filmmaker is spreading hatred about a recently released biggie!

2 months ago 5
The person, who chose to praise it on social media, slams it off it... Bollywood is a very fickle place. Friendships to relationships are subjected… Read Article ▶

Guess Who: This actor cheated on his wife with another man

2 months ago 6
This popular couple got married recently, but ever since they tied the knot things have not been going well between them This TV actor was caught by… Read Article ▶

This Bollywood actress’ crazy antics on sets has become the talk of B-town!

2 months ago 11
The heroine in question is known for her sartorial sense, however her latest antic on film sets has shocked many This Bollywood heroine has been on… Read Article ▶

Guess Who: This actress takes breaks between shoots to smoke up

3 months ago 4
This popular actress has found a way to be happy and upbeat all the time This actress is lately seen on a reality show. (more…) Read Article ▶

Guess Who: This actress was seen cosying up with a producer for a lead show

3 months ago 3
Work doesn't come easy and in the glamour field it is even more difficult to find the right work without any contacts and compromises This actress… Read Article ▶

This well-known actor and his girlfriend indulge in recreational drugs on weekends!

4 months ago 124
This Bollywood actor is known to loves to keep a low profile... So we were quite surprised when we found out that this well-known actor and his hot… Read Article ▶

This Bollywood superstar’s sexual escapades with a foreign import is the talk of B-Town!

4 months ago 12
This popular Bollywood star is seeing a foreigner and his ex from the industry is not liking it one bit! Rumours are rife that a certain Bollywood… Read Article ▶

Guess Who: This actress was seen high in spirits at a recent party

5 months ago 2
It's not wrong to let your hair down and enjoy a few drinks, but losing control is a big no-no This actress is a popular TV show's lead. Her show is… Read Article ▶

Guess Who: This reality TV actor was seen flirting with an upcoming B-town actress

5 months ago 6
This not-so-young actor was mesmerised with this beauty the moment he saw her He was recently seen on a popular reality show. (more…) Read Article ▶
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