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CASTING COUCH ALERT! This renowned producer is SEXTING a new Bollywood actor

2 days ago 0
So in short, casting couch is still very much a part of Bollywood... We hear that this new Bollywood hero has got a bitter taste of this already… Read Article ▶

Superstar REPLACED this actress with his girlfriend in an ad deal!

2 days ago 0
The actresses might not have been at logger heads until this episode... So we hear that a superstar used his clout to replace this heroine with his… Read Article ▶

This Bollywood hero has been replaced by a hot hunk as a filmmaker’s new lover!

4 days ago 0
This filmmaker has moved on from one hero to another hunk!  And B-town is talking about the newest affair in a hush hush tone. The hot hunk has… Read Article ▶

All’s not well between this hot Bollywood couple and many suspect a break up news will make headlines soon!

2 weeks ago 0
This couple has been all lovey-dovey in public, but never have they confirmed that they are indeed an item. While there was little for them to deny… Read Article ▶

These star mommies are FIGHTING over their kids!

4 weeks ago 0
Yes, you heard that right! This was has now become a fight between two mothers... So this actress and her star boyfriend's split became the talk of… Read Article ▶

Can you guess who Varun Dhawan just faceswapped with?

1 month ago 0
Now this is super cool! Celebs sure are loving this Snapchat app! Read on... Move over Instagram, clearly, Snapchat has become every celebrity's new… Read Article ▶

No girls, no strippers, no drugs this would-be groom had the most BORING bachelor party!

1 month ago 0
This was all due to a super dominating partner! They say karma catches up with you sometime or the later. It seemed like it did, especially with… Read Article ▶

A hot superstar’s new affair has become the bitching point for some Bollywood hotties!

1 month ago 0
If you thought that catfights area thing of past then let us tell you that they have moved from film sets to drawing rooms... So this superstar's… Read Article ▶

This possessive actress is upset with her actor boyfriend’s pretty co-star for involving him in her personal affairs!

2 months ago 0
While media is abuzz about how this couple is super possessive of each other, we got our hands on another piece of information that proves that they… Read Article ▶

This TV actress’ closeness to her director has set tongues wagging

2 months ago 0
It is not the first time an actress has fallen for the captain of the ship The TV industry is full of couples. It is not unusual for love to bloom… Read Article ▶

This actor is INSECURE of his girlfriend spending time with her EX crush on sets of their upcoming film

2 months ago 0
Now we all knew how obsessed this lady was with the co-star of hers in the past. No wonder her beau is sweating hard on imagining his girlfriend with… Read Article ▶

This actress was PISSED when another hot heroine stole the thunder from her at an event!

2 months ago 0
And we thought that cat fights were a thing of past... So this Bollywood hottie grabbed headlines recently for flaunting her sexy body and literally… Read Article ▶

This top actress is ANGRY with her friend’s director husband for picking her RIVAL for his next film with a superstar!

2 months ago 0
A close friend of this heroine has come under the fire for her husband's choice... A top actress was hoping that her filmmaker friend would rope her… Read Article ▶

This married director is OBSESSED with his young HOT assistant director!

2 months ago 0
Nothing goes unnoticed in Bollywood... This director who is known for making gritty action dramas is head over heels in love with his young hot… Read Article ▶

This top heroine literally threw her phone after she lost an award to her rival!

3 months ago 0
Talk of stars and their tantrums... This top actress was gearing up for another big moment in her career, however it seems like things went haywire… Read Article ▶