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This well-known actor and his girlfriend indulge in recreational drugs on weekends!

4 weeks ago 123
This Bollywood actor is known to loves to keep a low profile... So we were quite surprised when we found out that this well-known actor and his hot… Read Article ▶

This Bollywood superstar’s sexual escapades with a foreign import is the talk of B-Town!

1 month ago 12
This popular Bollywood star is seeing a foreigner and his ex from the industry is not liking it one bit! Rumours are rife that a certain Bollywood… Read Article ▶

Guess Who: This actress was seen high in spirits at a recent party

2 months ago 2
It's not wrong to let your hair down and enjoy a few drinks, but losing control is a big no-no This actress is a popular TV show's lead. Her show is… Read Article ▶

Guess Who: This reality TV actor was seen flirting with an upcoming B-town actress

2 months ago 6
This not-so-young actor was mesmerised with this beauty the moment he saw her He was recently seen on a popular reality show. (more…) Read Article ▶

This young actor has been boasting of his sexual escapade with a Bollywood hottie!

2 months ago 10
This young actor seems to be mighty pleased with himself off late A new popular actor is busy bragging about his sexual escapade with another young… Read Article ▶

Guess Who: This TV stud is flirting with three Ex-Bigg Boss beauties simultaneously!

3 months ago 2
Seems like this young fella from telly land is trying to have a bird in hand and several in the bush too A small screen hottie is trying hard to woo… Read Article ▶

Guess Who: The married actress was seen getting too close to a popular TV actor

4 months ago 7
At a recent party, this actress was seen high in spirits The actress, quit a popular daily soap to take up the lead role in a show. (more…) Read Article ▶

Guess Who: The actress demanded an award for attending the award ceremony

4 months ago 18
And we thought awards were all about merit This A-list actress has ruled 2014, professionally and personally. The young lady is currently at the top… Read Article ▶

Guess Who: The young actress got deleted from her co-star’s BBM

4 months ago 11
The actress who was lattu on her co-star just got deleted from his messenger... Ouch! This was a love story that never took flight. This young… Read Article ▶

Guess who: The duo were found making out in their vanity van during Box Cricket League

5 months ago 1
The BCL is going on air tonight on Sony TV, but we have some behind the scene gossip Apparently this couple, who have recently finished a show… Read Article ▶

Guess Who: This actor is trying to steal her best friend’s boyfriend

6 months ago 7
Relationships in telly land are pretty complicated The lovey dovey couple has been in a relationship since a year now. (more…) Read Article ▶

Guess Who: This young actor is having an affair with someone twice her age

6 months ago 4
She got the star status at a very young age This popular television actor started her career as a child artist and gained instant popularity… Read Article ▶

Guess Who: These two television actors have decided to become friends with benefits

7 months ago 5
The two actors met through a common friend and immediately hit it off; they have never worked together The dude who hails from a well off family was… Read Article ▶

Guess Who: This television actress is having a last fling with her love interest before her marriage

7 months ago 2
BollywoodLife gives you a new scoop that will leave you boggled Both the actors were a part of a popular reality show. (more…) Read Article ▶
Is Shahrukh Khan hugging Anushka Sharma?

Is Shahrukh Khan hugging Anushka Sharma?

2 years ago 0
At a recent press conference of Jab Tak hai Jaan, Shahrukh Khan was seen hugging his co-star Anushka Sharma. Or wait, was he whispering something… Read Article ▶
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