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Guess Who: This actress was pissed with media for leaking her affair to the family!

4 days ago 0
This popular TV actress continues to hold a grudge against the publication that broke the news... This popular TV star who got married to her long… Read Article ▶

This once famous hero is scaring the daylights out of people coz of his weird ways!

1 week ago 0
We wonder if that is the reason why this once hit star is now out of work... It seems that this once entertaining star is now the talk of town for… Read Article ▶

This committed star went on a one night stand with a model!

4 weeks ago 0
Looks like the Casanova of B-town is back in action... Not so long ago he was called the original Casanova of tinsel town. It was said that it was… Read Article ▶

Farah Khan is ditching Shah Rukh Khan for someone – who is it?

4 weeks ago 0
Well, and even SRK knows about it...Read on to find out who it is! Shah Rukh and Farah Khan have been buddies from a long time and we all know that… Read Article ▶

This young actress is getting too close for comfort with her hero’s ladylove!

1 month ago 0
Yes, the latest buzz in B-town is this actress and her complicated ways... So, this rising star we hear is in a serious relationship with an actor… Read Article ▶

This fading actress was in HIGH spirits during a recent fashion show!

1 month ago 0
We have a new 'Guess who?' for you.... This fading actress was in visibly high spirits at a recent fashion show of a top designer. The actress was… Read Article ▶

This actor got his lesser known co-star replaced with a Bollywood hottie!

1 month ago 0
Looks like the actress' career just refuses to kickstart. An actor who is well known for his slapstick comedies and multi starrers apparently didn't… Read Article ▶

This critically acclaimed actress’ husband is cheating on her with his employee!

1 month ago 0
Looks like another marriage in tinsel town is falling apart... This critically acclaimed heroine got hitched not so long ago to a well known filmi… Read Article ▶

This top actress is on a mission to STEAL an important film from another successful heroine!

2 months ago 0
Cat fights are not new to Bollywood, neither is the dirty politics. But we have some inside goss that reveals that being in Hindi film industry is no… Read Article ▶

This hot actress’ affair with a young hero is a publicity gimmick planted by another heroine!

2 months ago 0
Bollywood is stranger than fiction and fact both. Well, you will know what we mean when you read what's the newest hot goss from… Read Article ▶

This married hunk is cheating on his wife with a Bollywood hottie!

2 months ago 0
Looks like Bollywood marriages are the new hot topic in filmi circles... This hot hunk is cheating on his wife with a B-town hottie. The actress is… Read Article ▶

Shocking! Popular young actress groped by her critically acclaimed actor on set

2 months ago 27
Not so long ago there was buzz about these two actors' fall out however the real reason was not known until now... This young popular actress… Read Article ▶

This young star wants to flaunt his butt on and off screen much to his hot girlfriend’s embarrassment!

3 months ago 5
Looks like this young star is obsessed with his own booty. A gen next superstar we hear cannot get enough of his derriere on screen and off screen… Read Article ▶

This top Bollywood actress misplaced jewellery worth lakhs of rupees on her film’s sets!

3 months ago 9
Working with this heroine has proved to be a nightmare for her film's director and producer This top heroine's recklessness recently cost her film's… Read Article ▶

This young actor and Bollywood hottie are the newest couple in town!

4 months ago 11
Buzz is that love is in the air for this Bollywood hunk, who was not only being sought by his ex at a recent award abroad, but also managed win a new… Read Article ▶