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Vijay’s Puli beats Prabhas’ Baahubali and Anushka Shetty’s Rudhramadevi to become most expected fantasy fiction film!

1 year ago 17
This new genre of films is getting audiences go gaga… South Indian filmmakers have suddenly caught a new kind of films, which weren’t tried before in Indian films. This new frenzy of fantasy fiction films is getting immense fan backing. From the mega budgeted Baahubali to Rudhramadhevi to Puli, Read Article ▶

Baahubali, Puli or Rudhramadevi – which fantasy fiction film’s teaser trailer impressed you the most? VOTE

1 year ago 7
A new genre of films are being tried by southern filmmakers and it seems audiences are going gaga over them. Go ahead, Vote and let us know which one are you most excited for…. South India has suddenly caught the frenzy of fantasy fiction films. From the mega budgeted Baahubali to Rudhramadhevi and now Puli, […] Read Article ▶

Anushka fences with Arya in Irandam Ulgam

3 years ago 0
Irandam Ulagam features a martial arts tussle between the two If you thought Anushka learnt martial arts for Irandam Ulagam only to battle with the villains, you are wrong, For, there seems to be a fight scene involving the actress and the film’s hero, Arya. Read Article ▶