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This Bollywood hottie was pissed with a rival actress for giving her a cold shoulder at a recent party!

This Bollywood hottie was pissed with a rival actress for giving her a cold shoulder at a recent party!

3 days ago 0
They have never been good friends but seems like the enemy lines have now been drawn This Bollywood fashionista was in for a huge shock when a rival… Read Article ▶

Superstar REPLACED this actress with his girlfriend in an ad deal!

1 month ago 0
The actresses might not have been at logger heads until this episode... So we hear that a superstar used his clout to replace this heroine with his… Read Article ▶

This top actress is ANGRY with her friend’s director husband for picking her RIVAL for his next film with a superstar!

4 months ago 0
A close friend of this heroine has come under the fire for her husband's choice... A top actress was hoping that her filmmaker friend would rope her… Read Article ▶

This Bollywood newbie called a superstar’s girlfriend a MAID at a recent party!

4 months ago 0
Shocking as it may seem this did happen... A superstar's girlfriend had an awkward situation recently when this newcomer called her a bai at a… Read Article ▶

Arjun Rampal was never offered Calendar Girls, clarifies Madhur Bhandarkar

10 months ago 0
The controversial director slammed media for spreading rumours Up until recently, grapevine was rife with speculation that Arjun Rampal was offered… Read Article ▶

This critically acclaimed actress’ husband is cheating on her with his employee!

11 months ago 0
Looks like another marriage in tinsel town is falling apart... This critically acclaimed heroine got hitched not so long ago to a well known filmi… Read Article ▶

Calendar Girls trailer: This Madhur Bhandarkar film is a mixture of Fashion, Page 3 and Heroine!

12 months ago 0
After getting delayed a lot, the film is finally set to hit the screens on September 25... Madhur Bhandarkar is back with a story from the gloss and… Read Article ▶

This hot actress’ affair with a young hero is a publicity gimmick planted by another heroine!

12 months ago 0
Bollywood is stranger than fiction and fact both. Well, you will know what we mean when you read what's the newest hot goss from… Read Article ▶

Shocking! Popular young actress groped by her critically acclaimed actor on set

1 year ago 27
Not so long ago there was buzz about these two actors' fall out however the real reason was not known until now... This young popular actress… Read Article ▶

Dear Kareena Kapoor, here’s why your fans are unhappy with you!

1 year ago 15
Read on to find what Bebo's fans have to say! Kareena Kapoor has literally ruled Bollywood for 15 years now. In this span, Saif Ali Khan's Begum has… Read Article ▶

This young star wants to flaunt his butt on and off screen much to his hot girlfriend’s embarrassment!

1 year ago 5
Looks like this young star is obsessed with his own booty. A gen next superstar we hear cannot get enough of his derriere on screen and off screen… Read Article ▶

Konkona Sen Sharma is epitome of grace, poise and elegance in this photoshoot – view pics!

1 year ago 1
She has stayed away from limelight for quite sometime and when she returned she won us over with her uniqueness yet again Konkona Sen Sharma has… Read Article ▶

Calendar Girls teaser: This Madhur Bhandarkar film looks like a WANNABE cocktail of Fashion and Heroine!

1 year ago 0
The teaser made us scream 'Not again'... You would expect Heroine's poor show will make director Madhur Bhandarkar stir clear of the gloss and… Read Article ▶

This top Bollywood actress misplaced jewellery worth lakhs of rupees on her film’s sets!

1 year ago 9
Working with this heroine has proved to be a nightmare for her film's director and producer This top heroine's recklessness recently cost her film's… Read Article ▶

This Bollywood hottie’s past affairs seems to have scared his ladylove!

1 year ago 15
The new lady in this hot Bollywood actor's life was in for a shock recently... This Bollywood actor recently had an oops moment in real life when… Read Article ▶