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Kamal R Khan’s tweets on porn ban proves that he is the biggest creep of Bollywood!

1 year ago 1
While his sarcastic tweet on Indian government’s porn ban attracted a lot of attention, he soon went back to his old ways of making derogatory statements against B-town celebs If there ever was an award for most nonsensical person on Twitter, Kamal R Khan would have won it hands down. While Ram Gopal Varma stirs […] Read Article ▶

Should Sunny Leone, Sonakshi Sinha and Lisa Haydon be worried due to no Sec 66A?

2 years ago 1
Why do we name these actresses in particular? Read on to find out… The Supreme Court has slashed Section 66A which curbed freedom of speech on the Inernet and while many will benefit from the verdict we are worried about how Kamaal R Khan is going to use the Supreme Court decision. Read Article ▶

All you need to know about Kapil Sharma and Kamaal R Khan’s big fight!

2 years ago 3
It all started when the self-styled critic passed cheeky remarks at the nation’s loved comedian that didn’t go down well with the latter ‘Well that escalated quickly” aptly sums up our first reaction to the recent ugly spat between the Kamaal R Khan and Kapil Sharma. KRK’s japery is something all of Bollywood either ignores […] Read Article ▶

Kamaal R Khan returns to India

2 years ago 1
The self acclaimed film critic goes back on his words, yet again as he does not fulfill the promise of quitting the country forever For once Kamaal Rashid Khan was a source of delight to us. We had only begun celebrating the news of him leaving India but the Deshdrohi actor shattered our happiness to […] Read Article ▶
Salman Khan is more generous than Sachin Tendulkar, says Kamaal R Khan

Salman Khan is more generous than Sachin Tendulkar, says Kamaal R Khan

5 years ago 3
The Deshdrohi actor, who is notorious for his strongly opinionated posts on Twitter, has been praising the Bodyguard actor to the skies while running down the Master Blaster If it wasn’t for the micro-blogging site, actor Kamaal R Khan would have been a long forgotten embarrassment. Last seen in the Bigg Boss house, KRK has […] Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey faces Kamaal R Khan’s wrath

5 years ago 0
The Deshdrohi actor seems to be too desperate to stay in the limelight, probably so that he can make his way into the Bigg Boss house once again. Poonam Pandey, has been in the news post her claims to strip for Dhoni’s boys. While KRK wants us to believe that Poonam is doing all this to […] Read Article ▶