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Kamal R Khan’s tweets on porn ban proves that he is the biggest creep of Bollywood!

1 year ago 1
While his sarcastic tweet on Indian government's porn ban attracted a lot of attention, he soon went back to his old ways of making derogatory… Read Article ▶

Should Sunny Leone, Sonakshi Sinha and Lisa Haydon be worried due to no Sec 66A?

1 year ago 1
Why do we name these actresses in particular? Read on to find out... The Supreme Court has slashed Section 66A which curbed freedom of speech on the… Read Article ▶

All you need to know about Kapil Sharma and Kamaal R Khan’s big fight!

2 years ago 3
It all started when the self-styled critic passed cheeky remarks at the nation's loved comedian that didn't go down well with the latter 'Well that… Read Article ▶

Kamaal R Khan returns to India

2 years ago 1
The self acclaimed film critic goes back on his words, yet again as he does not fulfill the promise of quitting the country forever For once Kamaal… Read Article ▶
Salman Khan is more generous than Sachin Tendulkar, says Kamaal R Khan

Salman Khan is more generous than Sachin Tendulkar, says Kamaal R Khan

4 years ago 3
The Deshdrohi actor, who is notorious for his strongly opinionated posts on Twitter, has been praising the Bodyguard actor to the skies while… Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey faces Kamaal R Khan’s wrath

5 years ago 0
The Deshdrohi actor seems to be too desperate to stay in the limelight, probably so that he can make his way into the Bigg Boss house once again… Read Article ▶