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#LifeisMusic – The three bands are getting closer to the final results!

12 months ago 0
The race is heating up but who is feeling the pressure? Every now and then, one must weigh the risk. Stick to the tried-and-tested or step away and… Read Article ▶

#LifeisMusic – 1023MB, SAKHA, Bombay Ducks all set to win everyone over with their performances!

1 year ago 0
Round one of the contest has each of the 12 band members wearing their best game face. But will it be enough? In the last episode, we couldn't help… Read Article ▶

#LifeisMusic – The stage is set for 1023MB, SAKHA, Bombay Ducks’ first performance

1 year ago 0
Following the most important music lesson of their lives, the chosen 12 showcase their sound, led by the maestros. It's a big stage. And when you… Read Article ▶

#LifeIsMusic – sitar player Purbayan Chatterjee is keeping pace with the world of music!

1 year ago 0
You need to hit the road running while learning from India's best. In the fifth episode of #LifeIsMusic, the maestros just upped the game. The tempo… Read Article ▶

#LifeIsMusic – Avdhoot Phadke: Breathing music

1 year ago 0
Shy, dedicated, realistic, humble and extremely soft-spoken, Avdhoot Phadke, the 21-year-old flutist from Mumbai's satellite town Dombivli is a… Read Article ▶

#LifeIsMusic – Welcome aboard the 747

1 year ago 0
A solo artiste's journey across seven seas and finding jugalbandi closer home Rhythm, it would seem runs in the Qureshi family. This is a… Read Article ▶

#LifeIsMusic- Hansel Dias: A product of the ‘usual Bass Guitarist story’

1 year ago 0
A boy-next-door, who taught himself to play the Guitar and switched to the Bass because bands needed him to... Hansel Dias grew up in a humble home… Read Article ▶

#LifeIsMusic: An 18-year-old, Mohini Dey’s love affair with the Bass!

1 year ago 0
A few hours of being around the 18-year-old Bassist Dey on the set of#LifeIsMusic, followed by a 20-minute interaction with her in her green room… Read Article ▶

Ode to Hendrix

1 year ago 0
What role does 'synergy' play in a band? The maestros give us a lesson through show & tell Fans of Jimi Hendrix are in no short supply. After all… Read Article ▶

Zee Entertainment forays into creation of original digital content with #LifeIsMusic

1 year ago 0
This will be one of a kind musical experience... As a first in India, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL) has got its entire digital ecosystem… Read Article ▶

Louiz Banks: My best performance is the one I’ll give tomorrow!

1 year ago 0
In a candid and rather long interview with Yoshita Sengupta, Louiz Banks speaks about his dream venue, artists he wishes to collaborate with and how… Read Article ▶
Mirchi Music Awards 2013 winners’ list: Amitabh Bachchan wins the Living Legend With Golden Voice award

Mirchi Music Awards 2013 winners’ list: Amitabh Bachchan wins the Living Legend With Golden Voice award

3 years ago 2
Take a look at who won the awards this time around... The Mirchi Music Awards of 2013 was judged by distinguished jury members of the industry… Read Article ▶