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  • | June 29th, 2012

    MAXIMUM movie review: Fails to create an impact

    MAXIMUM movie review: Fails to create an impact
    As the film begins, you expect it to be a story that’s an offshoot of a movie that talks about the murky underworld and politics. But as the story progresses, it turns out to be a gritty tale of two encounter specialists, each striving to be at the top of the game.
    Naseeruddin Shah plays a senior police official who’s highly envious of the fact that Sonu Sood, who’s a fledgling but talented cop, is growing at an extremely fast pace. Maximum revolves around the conflicts of interest between the two. The fact that an establishment that’s set up to protect the public is itself entangled in trivial issues like politics and egotism is emphasised over and over again. The movie also talks about the perils of being an encounter specialist, and how people who undertake this job have to be always prepared for impending danger. Click here to read more