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  • | October 10th, 2011

    Nagesh Kukunoor: ‘Mod’ is an unusual Bollywood love story

    Nagesh Kukunoor: ‘Mod’ is an unusual Bollywood love story

    Critically acclaimed Bollywood filmmaker Nagesh Kukunoor in a chat about his latest film Mod and how he wants to make action, crime and sci-fi films in the future

    In Bollywood, love stories are more common than anything else. So why would someone want to watch Mod? What is so special about it?
    Well, Mod is a love story but it is not the kind you see in Bollywood today. For me love stories work only when characters are mismatched and the journey of falling in love is equally important if not more than the actual act of falling in love. If you as the audience already know yes these two people are already made for each other then the fun is lost, but if the characters are quirky as it is in Mod you wonder that how are these two people going to come together. Having said that, there is also an element of mystery associated with the film. Click here to read more