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Mahabharat: Will Arjun kill Karn?

2 years ago 0
Krishna asks Arjun to put an end to Karna’s life. Will he do it? Read on to know more… In the last episode, we saw Duryodhan (Arpit Ranka) being shattered upon learning about Dushasan’s (Nirbhay Wadhwa) death. Read Article ▶

Mahabharat: Will Bheem succeed in seeking revenge from Dushasan?

2 years ago 0
Bheem wants to avenge Draupadi’s humiliation. Will he succeed? Read on to know more… In the last episode, we saw the demise of the mighty Abhimanyu (Paras Arora) at the hands of Karn (Aham Sharma). Read Article ▶

Mahabharat: Will Abhimanyu’s life come to an end?

2 years ago 1
Arjun’s son Abhimanyu has entered the chakravyuh and doesn’t know his way out. Does this mean an end to his life? Read on to know more… In the last episode, we saw Bheem(Saurav Gurjar) going ahead to kill 30 Kauravas while Drupad was seen blocking Duryodhan(Arpit Ranka). Read Article ▶

Mahabharat: Dushasan aka Nirbhay Wadhwa not scared of being typecast as a baddie – Watch Cheerharan promo!

3 years ago 1
The game of dice has taken an ugly turn that has left Pandavas helpless thanks to their oath Dushasan aka Nirbhay Wadhwa who shot the Draupadi cheerharan shot with Draupadi aka Pooja Sharma and the rest of the cast for Mahabharat is unaffected by the baddie tag that he will carry after the episode goes […] Read Article ▶