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Kim Kardashian will support her daughter North West’s dreams!

2 months ago 1
Kim loves what she does and will give her daughter the same freedom in her life Reality TV star Kim Kardashian says she will support her daughter… Read Article ▶

All you need to know about Bigg Boss 8 guest Kim Kardashian!

2 months ago 1
While the entire nation is awaiting with bated breath for the arrival of America's controversial queen in the Bigg Boss house, we give you all the… Read Article ▶

Bigg Boss 8′s latest guest Kim Kardashian is looking for an island to gift her daughter!

2 months ago 1
The reality TV star will soon be seen on Bigg Boss 8 Reality TV star Kim Kardashian will reportedly "buy a private island in Australia" and "build a… Read Article ▶

Kanye West first proposed to Kim Kardashian seven years ago

7 months ago 0
It was the rapper who popped the question to the reality TV star Love finds a way - at least that's what it seems happened in the case of Kanye West… Read Article ▶
Why have Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided to postpone North West’s birthday bash?

Why have Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided to postpone North West’s birthday bash?

8 months ago 0
Yes, it's true that this star couple will be celebrating their daughter's birthday next weekend. Find out why Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her… Read Article ▶

Kim Kardashian marries Kanye West in Florence

8 months ago 0
The duo got married yesterday at Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy Socialite Kim Kardashian and singer Kanye West walked down the aisle in… Read Article ▶

Will Kim Kardashian and Kanye West take North West on their honeymoon?

12 months ago 0
The famous couple is planning to go on their honeymoon and here's some goss! Socialite Kim Kardashian and her rapper-fiance Kanye West are… Read Article ▶

Kanye West wishes to gift Kim Kardashian a castle

1 year ago 0
The rapper wants to give his lady love a castle as a gift Rapper Kanye West, who is engaged to socialite Kim Kardashian, is looking for a castle as… Read Article ▶

Kim Kardashian: Kanye West is not a diaper-changing dad!

1 year ago 0
Now that statement has made us think-Is Kanye not a hands-on dad? Socialite and reality TV star Kim Kardashian believes her fiance Kanye West makes… Read Article ▶

Will Kim Kardashian drop her surname after marrying Kanye West?

1 year ago 0
Only time will tell but Kanye sure wants his fiancée to be known as Kim West after marriage Rapper Kanye West wants his ladylove Kim Kardashian to… Read Article ▶

Kim Kardashian wants to get in better shape in 2014

1 year ago 0
The socialite wants to get fitter in the new year Socialite Kim Kardashian is planning to "stay healthy and get in better shape" in 2014. The… Read Article ▶

North has traits of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

1 year ago 0
Well, that's what we heard the latest from North's aunt Baby North West has bits of personality traits from her socialite mother Kim Kardashian and… Read Article ▶

Kanye West wants ‘Downton Abbey’ styled house for Kim Kardashian

1 year ago 0
The rapper plans to share the house with Kim Kardashian and his daughter Rapper Kanye West is reportedly planning to make his new house here a… Read Article ▶

Will Kim Kardashian marry Kanye West next year?

1 year ago 0
The two had got engaged last month Socialite Kris Jenner is hoping that her daughter Kim Kardashian will marry her fiance Kanye West next… Read Article ▶

Who will choose Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress?

1 year ago 0
Going by the latest goss, it seems Kim's wedding outfit will be picked by her fiancé and rapper Kanye West Rapper Kanye West will decide the wedding… Read Article ▶
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