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Sadda Haq: Will Sanyukta manage to revive Parth’s lovelife?

2 years ago 13
The meddlesome girl loves poking her nose in other people’s business whether they like it or not and her latest agenda is to introduce love in Parth’s life Sadda Haq’s Parth Kashyap (Ankit Gupta) has seen some terrible times since his childhood. Hobnobbing with petty criminals and getting in and out of judicial care, life […] Read Article ▶

Sadda Haq: Will Sanyukta Agarwal figure out Parth Kashyap’s secret?

2 years ago 1
It has been established that every night after lights out someone sneaks out of the boys’ hostel in FITE to go somewhere, but who is it? Sadda Haq’s Sanyukta Agarwal (Harshita Gaur) loves meddling in everyone’s business and her recent mission is to rescue Parth Kashyap (Ankit Gupta) from himself. Read Article ▶