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High speed and not mechnical failure killed actor Paul Walker

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As per the latest development, Paul Walker’s fatal car crash took place coz of high speed An investigation has found that the high-performance Porsche that Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker was riding in was travelling up to 150kmh when it crashed Read Article ▶
Paul Walker to be retired not killed in Fat and Furious 7

Fast and Furious will retire Paul Walker’s character and not kill him

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Brian O’Conner will not be killed and rather retire with dignity in Fast and Furious 7 The makers of the franchise Fast and Furious have decided not to kill Paul Walker’s character. On the contrary they have decided to retire him from service with utmost respect. Paul Walker passed away in November 2013 in a horrific car […] Read Article ▶

Fast and Furious makers to retire Paul Walker’s character

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 The makers of the franchise are doing this so that the franchise continues without him Producers of the Fast and Furious franchise have reportedly decided to retire the character of Paul Walker, who died in a horrific car crash in November 2013, from the film. Read Article ▶

Paul Walker’s organs unfit for donation

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The Fast & Furious actor died in a tragic accident Late actor Paul Walker’s injuries, following his car crash in November 2013, were so bad that none of his organs were fit to be donated, new autopsy details reveal. Read Article ▶

Paul Walker owned a cool collection of cars

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The Fast and Furious owned an enviable collection of cool cars! Paul Walker was a ‘car guy’, as he owned a very expensive and cool collection of automobiles, it has been revealed. Read Article ▶

Paul Walker buried in California

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His family and close friends were present for his burial Actor Paul Walker was laid to rest two weeks after his tragic death in a car crash. Read Article ▶

Man apologised for trying to sell bark from Paul Walker’s crash site

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The Fast and Furious star, along with friend Roger Rodas, died in a car accident on November 30 in Santa Clarita, California. A man tried to sell stolen pieces of burned bark that he took from the tree actor Paul Walker crashed into. Later, the thief had a change of heart.  Read Article ▶

Paul walker died of traumatic thermal injuries

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The autopsy reports of the Hollywood actor have been revealed to the media Paul Walker died of the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries suffered in a car crash, the autopsy report says. Read Article ▶

Paul Walker’s accident site evacuated

3 years ago 1
The spot where the Fast & Furious actor’s car crashed has been cleared for family members Paul Walker’s sudden death has left his family devastated and fans shocked. Read Article ▶

Paul Walker’s friends tried to save him after car crashed

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Family and friends of the Fast and Furious star tried to save Walker… Paul Walker’s friend has opened up how he and everyone else present at the scene of the fireball car wreck tried to free the trapped star.  Antonio Holmes told a gossip website that he and his friends desperately tried to put out […] Read Article ▶

Was ‘speed’ the cause for Paul Walker’s car crash?

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Police have said that speed was the main factor in the tragic car accident that the Fast & Furious star died in Paul Walker was traveling in a red Porsche with his friend Roger Rodas, reportedly crashed into a lamp post and burst into flames killing both of them.  Sheriff’s deputy Peter Gomez have said […] Read Article ▶
Paul Walker dies in car crash

Paul Walker of Fast & Furious fame dies in car crash

3 years ago 1
As per Walker’s official Facebook page, the Hollywood actor was in his friend’s car going for a charity event when they met with the accident Paul Walker, who shot to fame with Fast & Furious franchise, was involved in a car crash which took place on Saturday afternoon north of Los Angeles. The blue-eyed star […] Read Article ▶