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You can’t miss Poonam Pandey wishing you a Merry Christmas in her own style – watch video!

8 months ago 0
If you have watched Ms Pandey's earlier videos, you won't be surprised with this one! Poonam Pandey has hit the internet with her sexiest avatar… Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey returns back to shoot Helen after recovering from back injury!

1 year ago 0
This is the Nasha babe's second film in Bollywood.... Poonam Pandey is back (more…) Read Article ▶
Poonam Pandey

Shocking: Salman Khan and I are very similar, says Poonam Pandey!

1 year ago 0
The Nasha babe compared herself to the Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Read on to find out how... Poonam Pandey has always been publicity hungry. She has also… Read Article ▶

Is nobody ready to play hero to sexy Poonam Pandey? Watch video!

1 year ago 0
We say this because the Nasha actress has started an online hunt for the leading man of her upcoming film Actress Poonam Pandey, who made her acting… Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey plans special surprise for Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s team on March 24!

1 year ago 1
The Cricket World Cup is on everyone's minds and the fame crazy babe is back with another antic... As the Indian cricket team stays hot under… Read Article ▶

A look at Poonam Pandey’s top controversies!

1 year ago 0
Poonam is celebrating her 24th birthday today. And on this special day, we take a look at 5 controversies that made her what she is Controversy, as… Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey to be interrogated in the IPS Sunil Paraskar rape case

2 years ago 1
The model reportedly shares a close bond with the said IPS officer In the rape case of a model by the senior IPS officer Sunil Paraskar, the Mumbai… Read Article ▶

Sexy Poonam Pandey is back with a bang – Watch video!

3 years ago 0
So what if her website was hacked by Pakistani extremists, controversy's favourite child Poonam Pandey maintains that nothing can stop her relentless… Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey turns into a sexy Santa: Watch video!

3 years ago 1
Blame it on her excessively highlighted bosom Poonam Pandey's Christmas special video has gone viral! Poonam Pandey knows how to exploit festivities… Read Article ▶

Is this Poonam Pandey’s worst picture ever?

3 years ago 0
The Nasha actor has sunk to a new low after a failed attempt to make an impact with her debut film; Poonam Pandey is trying new tricks at the cost of… Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey: I enjoyed doing love making scenes with an 18-year-old

3 years ago 0
The actor made several typical 'Poonam Pandey remarks' at the trailer launch of her upcoming film, Nasha Poonam Pandey made it to the trailer launch… Read Article ▶

Who is Poonam Pandey kissing in this MMS clip?

3 years ago 1
Just before the release of her erotic movie Nasha, we stumbled upon this video showing Poonam making love with an unknown guy. Is this a… Read Article ▶
Poonam Pandey jumps into bed for mahurat scene of her debut film Nasha

Poonam Pandey jumps into bed for mahurat scene of her debut film Nasha

4 years ago 2
The controversial babe shoots a sexy scene for her film, saying that one has to get into bed to work in movies After revealing the first look of her… Read Article ▶
Coffee, tea or Poonam Pandey….naked!

Coffee, tea or Poonam Pandey….naked!

4 years ago 25
The babe continues to upload bare-all images, this time revealing...err...hiding her assets with a coffee cup Karan Johar has every reason to feel… Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey makes all men very happy…eight days to go!

5 years ago 0
Wannabe actor and small time model Poonam Pandey may have promised to go nude a few months ago, but she did not, much to the chagrin of a few people… Read Article ▶