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You can’t miss Poonam Pandey wishing you a Merry Christmas in her own style – watch video!

9 months ago 0
Well, she just gave Santa Claus a run for his money. All you Poonam Pandey fans that keep her mill churning enjoy your Christmas gift! Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey returns back to shoot Helen after recovering from back injury!

1 year ago 0
This is the Nasha babe’s second film in Bollywood…. Poonam Pandey is back Read Article ▶
Poonam Pandey

Shocking: Salman Khan and I are very similar, says Poonam Pandey!

1 year ago 0
The Nasha babe compared herself to the Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Read on to find out how… Poonam Pandey has always been publicity hungry. She has also often been touted as the queen of controversies. Yesterday she was seen promoting her special style of doing Yoga and today she went ahead and compared herself with none other […] Read Article ▶

Is nobody ready to play hero to sexy Poonam Pandey? Watch video!

1 year ago 0
We say this because the Nasha actress has started an online hunt for the leading man of her upcoming film Actress Poonam Pandey, who made her acting debut with bold film Nasha, is now hunting for the leading actor for her next film Helen — through a social networking web site. Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey plans special surprise for Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s team on March 24!

2 years ago 1
The Cricket World Cup is on everyone’s minds and the fame crazy babe is back with another antic… As the Indian cricket team stays hot under Captain Cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Poonam Pandey has a surprise for the boys ‘down under’.  Read Article ▶

A look at Poonam Pandey’s top controversies!

2 years ago 0
Poonam is celebrating her 24th birthday today. And on this special day, we take a look at 5 controversies that made her what she is Controversy, as we all know has been Poonam Pandey‘s second name. As she celebrates her 24th birthday, we at BollywoodLife list down 5 controversies that skyrocketed her to fame. Take […] Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey to be interrogated in the IPS Sunil Paraskar rape case

2 years ago 1
The model reportedly shares a close bond with the said IPS officer In the rape case of a model by the senior IPS officer Sunil Paraskar, the Mumbai Police might call in the sexy model Poonam Pandey for questioning. Read Article ▶

Sexy Poonam Pandey is back with a bang – Watch video!

3 years ago 0
So what if her website was hacked by Pakistani extremists, controversy’s favourite child Poonam Pandey maintains that nothing can stop her relentless pursuit of displaying hotness. In fact, Poonam is back with a bang with her new website is being constructed for her fans to go absolutely berserk Poonam Pandey got a shock of her […] Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey turns into a sexy Santa: Watch video!

3 years ago 1
Blame it on her excessively highlighted bosom Poonam Pandey’s Christmas special video has gone viral! Poonam Pandey knows how to exploit festivities to best effect. The Nasha babe goes wild on almost every festival-or even otherwise, honestly speaking! From playing a wild holi to creating big noises on Diwali by using some seductive poses in […] Read Article ▶

Is this Poonam Pandey’s worst picture ever?

3 years ago 0
The Nasha actor has sunk to a new low after a failed attempt to make an impact with her debut film; Poonam Pandey is trying new tricks at the cost of looking as disastrous as this! Poonam Pandey has possibly played every gimmick card to get the much needed attention. From threatening to go naked […] Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey: I enjoyed doing love making scenes with an 18-year-old

3 years ago 0
The actor made several typical ‘Poonam Pandey remarks’ at the trailer launch of her upcoming film, Nasha Poonam Pandey made it to the trailer launch of Nasha after keeping the media waiting for about an hour or so. And even after she came, she chose not to interact much with the press and let the […] Read Article ▶

Who is Poonam Pandey kissing in this MMS clip?

3 years ago 1
Just before the release of her erotic movie Nasha, we stumbled upon this video showing Poonam making love with an unknown guy. Is this a well-choreographed publicity stunt? Poonam Pandey is a clever girl. The sexy siren knows how to hog the limelight by creating sensational news. Right from posting her semi nude pictures on […] Read Article ▶
Poonam Pandey jumps into bed for mahurat scene of her debut film Nasha

Poonam Pandey jumps into bed for mahurat scene of her debut film Nasha

4 years ago 2
The controversial babe shoots a sexy scene for her film, saying that one has to get into bed to work in movies After revealing the first look of her debut film Nasha in the raunchiest way possible, Poonam Pandey has started shooting for the film. In fact, the ever-ready-to-drop-her-clothes babe has shot the mahurat scene […] Read Article ▶
Coffee, tea or Poonam Pandey….naked!

Coffee, tea or Poonam Pandey….naked!

4 years ago 25
The babe continues to upload bare-all images, this time revealing…err…hiding her assets with a coffee cup Karan Johar has every reason to feel the heat! His koffee kup is being usurped by a bootylicious babe, one with a lot less to lose – clothes-wise, that is – than the filmmaker does. Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey makes all men very happy…eight days to go!

5 years ago 0
Wannabe actor and small time model Poonam Pandey may have promised to go nude a few months ago, but she did not, much to the chagrin of a few people we heard from about it. But she seems to be aiming to make up for that now, vowing to post a new photograph of herself […] Read Article ▶