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Who is Poonam Pandey trying to seduce with her lap dance? : Watch do the Rex video!

2 years ago 0
The Pandey pataka takes her desperation to a whole new level to fetch the much-needed attention. Take a look at her fresh antics and tell us BollywoodLifers how to stop this babe from doing whatever she does and put some sanity into her raunchy head! Butt-numbingly thanda and mind-numbingly repetitive, Poonam Pandey unleashes her wild […] Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey to relaunch her website!

3 years ago 0
Nasha babe woke up last Monday to see something shocking on her website. Slogans like ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and A voice for justice of Kashmir’ was flashing on Poonam’s website. Apparently, her website was hacked by militants, so Poonam decided to relaunch her website As if her daredevilry (read dare bare acts) on microblogging site were […] Read Article ▶

Is Poonam Pandey on the hit-list of Pakistani terrorists?

3 years ago 0
However ridiculously funny that possibility may sound but the unbelievable thing has happened with Pandey pataka. the Nasha babe’s website has been hacked by militants-or so does Poonam claim! Such is the popularity of Poonam Pandey that apparently militants have decided to cash in babe’s fan following. We hear that the Nasha babe woke up […] Read Article ▶

Is this Poonam Pandey’s worst picture ever?

3 years ago 0
The Nasha actor has sunk to a new low after a failed attempt to make an impact with her debut film; Poonam Pandey is trying new tricks at the cost of looking as disastrous as this! Poonam Pandey has possibly played every gimmick card to get the much needed attention. From threatening to go naked […] Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey’s Nasha sequel in the pipeline, really?

3 years ago 0
The raunchy film has not yet released, and director Amit Saxena is already talking about a sequel Poonam Pandey is going out of her way in her debut film Nasha to look and sound like an absolute femme fatale. The babe weaving her charm on her lover and how that turns into a lethal addiction […] Read Article ▶

Nasha poster: Poonam Pandey hides her assets with placards!

3 years ago 2
The first poster proved to be a damp squib, but this time the Pandey pataka is back with a generous dose of skin show In her last outing with Nasha, Poonam Pandey kind of disappointed her fans, releasing a poster that didn’t live up to the promises of a sizzling hot skin show. So this […] Read Article ▶

Who is Poonam Pandey kissing in this MMS clip?

3 years ago 1
Just before the release of her erotic movie Nasha, we stumbled upon this video showing Poonam making love with an unknown guy. Is this a well-choreographed publicity stunt? Poonam Pandey is a clever girl. The sexy siren knows how to hog the limelight by creating sensational news. Right from posting her semi nude pictures on […] Read Article ▶
Is this really Poonam Pandey?

Is this really Poonam Pandey?

4 years ago 0
The strip queen looks barely recognisable in her fully clothed avatar on the sets of her upcoming film Nasha Recognise the scrawny lady sitting back and sipping a cup of coffee? We bet you won’t, and we understand why. Read Article ▶
Poonam Pandey speaks on erotic Nasha poster: Are you ready to be addicted?

Poonam Pandey speaks on erotic Nasha poster: Are you ready to be addicted?

4 years ago 2
Controversial hot babe Poonam Pandey recently revealed the erotic look of her debut film, Nasha. Remember her yogic pose picture? No? We present you an exclusive, raunchy poster and details of PP’s much-touted film. Savour it, guys! Poonam Pandey has finally made it! The attention-seeking babe has finally made sure that her desperate efforts – […] Read Article ▶