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How does Poonam Pandey read scripts? View pic!

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Check out the fame hungry starlet’s latest pic, which tells us that, her filmy career is far from over! For all Poonam Pandey’s fans, there is some good news. She has shared her latest pic this morning which shows her curvaceous side. We were a little surprised to see the Nasha babe fully clad. But […] Read Article ▶

Is Poonam Pandey getting too desperate? View pics!

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The Nasha babe has become a hot topic once again thanks to her antics Poonam Pandey is well known for showing off her body to stay in the public eye. Ms Pandey forgets however that sometimes it can be a case of too much of a good thing. Her latest effort is an initiative that […] Read Article ▶
Nude pics, Giving Gyan

Is Poonam Pandey trying to become a gyan guru?

3 years ago 1
Check out the Nasha babe’s latest pics, which also come with an added piece of advice from the fame hungry starlet Poonam Pandey is back at it again and this time not just with her almost nude pics! The Nasha babe tweeted this morning, “Having a dirty mind is okay, but having a clean heart […] Read Article ▶