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5 reasons why birthday girl Poonam Pandey continues to rock Bollywood!

8 months ago 0
Poonam Pandey is synonymous with controversy. She is one woman who has set no boundaries when it comes to boldness. Read Article ▶

World Cup 2015: Poonam Pandey cheers for Team India, STRIPS on every wicket – view pics!

2 years ago 1
The infamous strip queen put up a seductress tour on Twitter. I am sure you don’t want to miss it!  Ball to ball wicket has an all new definition in Poonam Pandey’s dictionary. The bombshell, who shot to fame with her desperate call to strip nude for the Indian cricket team in 2011, is abiding […] Read Article ▶
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Poonam Pandey bitten by FIFA World Cup fever? View pics!

2 years ago 0
The soccer world cup is the most viewed sporting extravaganza across the globe and here’s our unrestrained bikini babe trying to promote it even further Poonam Pandey has been an avid sport follower. If we recall she had promised to give an incentive to the Indian cricket team by posting her nude pic once they […] Read Article ▶
Poonam Pandey strips again!

Poonam Pandey strips again!

4 years ago 2
The Nasha babe has done it again, and this time it is educational apparently! The last time she said something outrageous was only a few days back on Valentine’s Day. When the whole world was busy celebrating love, Poonam was auctioning off her used panties on Twitter! Of course, the only way Poonam could Read Article ▶
A nation in thrall to Poonam Pandey’s used chuddies!

A nation in thrall to Poonam Pandey’s used chuddies!

4 years ago 5
Cineswami is amazed at how Indian men are reacting to Poonam Pandey’s latest offer to give away her bikini It is a well-known fact that Japanese men are rather partial to panties, especially if pre-worn by schoolgirls. It was a trend that began in the ’80s and came to a boil in the early ’90s […] Read Article ▶
Poonam Pandey jumps into bed for mahurat scene of her debut film Nasha

Poonam Pandey jumps into bed for mahurat scene of her debut film Nasha

4 years ago 2
The controversial babe shoots a sexy scene for her film, saying that one has to get into bed to work in movies After revealing the first look of her debut film Nasha in the raunchiest way possible, Poonam Pandey has started shooting for the film. In fact, the ever-ready-to-drop-her-clothes babe has shot the mahurat scene […] Read Article ▶
Poonam Pandey bags a film!

Poonam Pandey bags a film!

4 years ago 1
From threatening to strip down to bare nothingness to posting her raunchy pictures and videos online, Poonam Pandey has tried every possible trick in the book to barge into Bollywood. Finally, the desperate gal gets what she always wanted – a movie! Or so she says… Poonam Pandey is over the moon these days. After […] Read Article ▶

Poonam Pandey makes all men very happy…eight days to go!

5 years ago 0
Wannabe actor and small time model Poonam Pandey may have promised to go nude a few months ago, but she did not, much to the chagrin of a few people we heard from about it. But she seems to be aiming to make up for that now, vowing to post a new photograph of herself […] Read Article ▶