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Saraswatichandra: Will Pramad let Kumud go in peace?

3 years ago 1
Kumud has finally seen the true colors of her sadistic and abusive husband, but unlike most women she does not bow down to him this time –surprised? So were we… Pramad (Anshul Trivedi) tries to kill Kumud (Jennifer Winget) and Saras (Gautam Rode); the bullet hits our hero. Just when Pramad is about to shoot […] Read Article ▶

Saraswatichandra: Will Saras rescue Kumud in time?

3 years ago 5
Kumud believes that Pramad has changed over a new leaf and now will be the perfect husband, but little does she know that the man has other agendas Everyone believes that Pramad (Anshul Trivedi) has realised his mistakes and made amends for it, but no one knows that it was a ploy all along. Read Article ▶
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Saraswatichandra: Has Pramad really changed or is he faking it?

3 years ago 1
Kumud has been tolerant and understanding for a long time now, but everything, even tolerating abusive behaviour has a limit Saraswatichandra is gearing up for some major drama in the upcoming episodes and we are really excited. Read Article ▶

Saraswatichandra: Will Kumud leave Pramad and move on?

3 years ago 3
Pramad is an abusive husband and Kumud is doing everything to change him, but for how long? Pramad (Anshul Trivedi) has a weird relationship with Kallika (Soni Singh) and as long as she’s there in his life, Kumud (Jennifer Winget) cannot change her husband. Read Article ▶

Saraswatichandra: Will Pramad force Kumud to consummate their marriage?

3 years ago 1
The show’s producer has changed and the new ones are going all out to make the story as sensational as possible We earlier told you regarding Pramad (Anshul Trivedi) finding out about Kumud’s (Jennifer Winget) affair with Saraswatichandra (Gautam Rode) and being miffed with his wife. Read Article ▶
Saraswatichandra: Will pramad unite Kumud and Saras?

Saraswatichandra: Will Pramad unite Kumud and Saras?

3 years ago 10
It’s a TV serial and the story may not exactly go as per the novel written by Govardhanram Tripathi or so we hear According to the novel, Pramad-Dhan (Aanshul Trivedi) doesn’t approve of Kumud’s (Jennifer Winget) earlier relationship and tortures her for it, but the show seems to be taking a whole new route. Read Article ▶