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Revealed: How will Harshad Chopda and Shivya Pathania’s Humsafars come to an end?

2 years ago 1
The story of Humsafars is finally nearing its end Sony TV’s popular show starring Harshad Chopda and Shivya Pathania is coming to an end and the makers have planned a happy ending. Read Article ▶

Humsafars: Sahir and Arzoo to consummate their marriage on Valentine’s Day?

2 years ago 4
Love is not only all around us in real life (because it’s Valentine’s Day) but the reel life of actors is also getting extremely mushy Four Lions Films’ Humsafars will be concentrating on the romance between Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) and Sahir (Harshad Chopda) now that Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Read Article ▶

Humsafars: Will Sahir save Arzoo from getting arrested?

2 years ago 0
The couple is taking baby steps to discover the love between them, but someone always manages to spoil it In the recent episode of Humsafars, we saw how Kurti Aapa (Zeena Bhatia) is trying to defame Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) and creating a rift between her and Sahir (Harshad Chopda). Read Article ▶

Humsafars: Will Arzoo let Sahir kiss her?

2 years ago 1
The love-hate-love relationship between Arzoo and Sahir is about to take a drastic turn as they up the romance in the show Sony TV’s Humsafars is gearing up for some romantic moments on the show and the makers hope to up the rating with it. Read Article ▶

Are the makers of Humsafars desperately trying hard to keep the show on air?

2 years ago 1
Things are not going as per plan for Four Lion Films’ shows We recently heard rumours about Humsafars going off air due to low numbers. Read Article ▶

Humsafars: Should Harshad Chopda and Shivya Pathania’s show go off air?

2 years ago 47
Four Lion Films’ new show on Sony TV is rumoured to shut shop Sony TV’s relatively new show Humsafars has barely been on air for four months and the makers are apparently all set to shut shop due to low numbers in the TRP race. Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! Humsafars producer Gul Khan: We have got no intimation about the show closing

2 years ago 10
The media is rife with rumours about the popular Sony TV daily soap shutting shop Four Lions Films’ is definitely not having a good run in the TRP rat race. Read Article ▶

Humsafars: Will Sahir regret marrying Arzoo?

2 years ago 0
Arzoo has changed and it is not for the good In the recent episode of Humsafars, we saw how Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) married Sahir (Harshad Chopda), but she was not happy about it. Read Article ▶
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Humsafars: Why is Arzoo punishing herself?

2 years ago 0
Not everyone can live in a loveless marriage, but we still don’t get why punishing herself was so important In the recent episode of Humsafars, Sahir (Harshad Chopda) forces Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) to marry him instead of his brother Zaki (Sehban Azim). Read Article ▶

Humsafars: Will Arzoo and Sahir say ‘qubool hai’?

2 years ago 0
It’s a dilemma but Arzoo has to choose In the recent episode of Humsafars, we saw how Zaki (Sehban Azim) pours his heart out to Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) and proposes to her. Read Article ▶

Humsafars: Who should Arzoo marry? Vote!

2 years ago 1
Unfortunately love is not rationalised or so many wouldn’t fall into the trap The recent episode of Humsafars showcases Zaki (Sehban Azmi) pouring his heart out to Arzoo (Shivya Pathania). Read Article ▶

Humsafars: Will Sahir stop Arzoo from going back to Lucknow?

2 years ago 0
We will soon get to witness closeness between the duo, but we wonder how real will it be In the recent episode of Sony TV’s Humsafars we saw how Anam (Payal Rohatgi) gets Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) and Zaki (Sehban Azim) arrested under false claims. Read Article ▶

Humsafars: Will Sahir believe in Arzoo’s innocence?

2 years ago 0
Four Lions Films’ new show is interesting and the chemistry between the leads is amazing In the last episode of Humsafars we saw the growing closeness between Sahir (Harshad Chopda) and Arzoo (Shivya Pathania). Read Article ▶

Humsafars producer: The women in my team convinced me to cast Harshad Chopda

2 years ago 1
Four Lions Film’s co-founder Gorky Max, who is all set to launch his new show Humsafars on Sony TV, claims that Harshad was not his first choice for the lead role Humsafars is based on two people, who hail from very different walks of life, but are meant to meet and fall in love. Read Article ▶

Dhoom:3 Jet Speed to be launched on June 28

2 years ago 0
The sequel to Dhoom:3 The Game is now available on all major platforms Dhoom:3 Jet Speed, the sequel to Dhoom:3 The Game has made its debut on mobiles and tablets. Read Article ▶