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#LifeisMusic – The three bands are getting closer to the final results!

1 year ago 0
The race is heating up but who is feeling the pressure? Every now and then, one must weigh the risk. Stick to the tried-and-tested or step away and freestyle our next move. Both come with their own pitfalls. Sometimes, the best way to decide what needs to be done is to simply ask yourself which […] Read Article ▶

#LifeisMusic – 1023MB, SAKHA, Bombay Ducks all set to win everyone over with their performances!

1 year ago 0
Round one of the contest has each of the 12 band members wearing their best game face. But will it be enough? In the last episode, we couldn’t help but pick sides. But that got us thinking. Would Beethoven have survived a play-off with Tchaikovsky? Would it be fair to put them up against each […] Read Article ▶

#LifeisMusic – The stage is set for 1023MB, SAKHA, Bombay Ducks’ first performance

1 year ago 0
Following the most important music lesson of their lives, the chosen 12 showcase their sound, led by the maestros. It’s a big stage. And when you think about the illustrious list of masters it has held while they belt out music of world-class fame, it’s bound to be intimidating. Read Article ▶
Kamini Kaushal to get Kalpana Chawla Excellence Award

Veteran actor Kamini Kaushal to get Kalpana Chawla Excellence Award

3 years ago 0
The senior actor, who was last seen in Chennai Express, had worked with Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Ashok Kumar Veteran actor Kamini Kaushal will be honoured with the Kalpana Chawla Excellence Award by the late astronaut’s father BL Chawla in Gurgaon on Wednesday, September 25. Read Article ▶