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Salman Khan is the most misunderstood man in the industry according to his biography!

7 months ago 0
The book explores many aspects of the actor's life... Known as the "brat" of Bollywood and an ill-tempered actor, superstar Salman Khan - a role… Read Article ▶

Salman Khan’s biography to be released on his 50th birthday

9 months ago 0
All the Bhai fans will soon get some detailed insights of Salman Khan's life... A new biography on Salman Khan delving into the personal life and… Read Article ▶

3 reasons why Salman Khan’s biography needs to be written!

2 years ago 3
Though Sr Khan doesn't want a biography to be written on Salman, wethinks the Being Human star would be better off with one. Read on to know why we… Read Article ▶