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Salman Khan gets a new weapon in Dabangg 2!

Salman Khan gets a new weapon in Dabangg 2!

4 years ago 0
The brawny bhaijan swaps his gun and stick for a yo-yo this time in the upcoming installment of Dabangg For Dabangg 2, Salman Khan is going off the violent act for a bit. That doesn’t mean our favourite brawny star is quitting action to turn and preach to the public instead – no way, what […] Read Article ▶

All is still not well with Salman

5 years ago 1
We heard that though the Bodyguard actor may have had a successful surgery for his nerve disorder, but he will have to block some permanent dates in his diary to prevent any recurring pain. Apparently, he will have to fly down to America and visit his doctors every two months to continue treatment of this […] Read Article ▶

Salman Khan will undergo a second surgery in January

5 years ago 0
Salman Khan’s first surgery has gone well, but the star will have to go back to the US to get another one done in the month of January. Sallu was supposed to undergo two surgeries but the doctors want to see how he responds to this one before deciding on the next. Salman has said […] Read Article ▶

Salman Khan is fine and relieved!

5 years ago 12
Salman Khan’s fans have been wondering how Salman is coping with the surgery that took place last night. Well, people, there is nothing to worry about. Salman has confirmed that he is fine and recovering. But the Dabanng Khan won’t be back in India for at least another week. And the latest we hear is […] Read Article ▶
Will Salman Khan’s face be the same ever again?

Will Salman Khan’s face be the same ever again?

5 years ago 10
The Bodyguard actor is suffering from a facial nerve disorder Yes, Salman Khan did visit a hospital earlier this month. And no, he is not dying. The Bodyguard actor has admitted in an interview to a daily that he is in terrible pain, as he is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. Read Article ▶