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Qubool Hai: Will Sanam Ahmad Khan marry Anwar?

1 year ago 10
The popular show has taken a 20 year leap and now the story revolves around new leads with a new love-marriage story with new twists to tell Post… Read Article ▶
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Qubool Hai

Qubool Hai: Will Asad take revenge against Shireen and Razia Begum?

2 years ago 0
All his life Rashid never did anything for his elder son, but looks like his single act could make up for all his wrong doings When Rashid (Vaquar… Read Article ▶
Qubool Hai

Qubool Hai: Will Zoya convince Asad to reconcile with his father?

2 years ago 0
Circumstances force people to do things they would never normally do, but that doesn't make them bad, no? Asad (Karan Singh Grover) has hated his… Read Article ▶
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Qubool Hai 3 year leap

Qubool Hai: Will Asad and Zoya fly to New York for three years?

2 years ago 3
Love is complicated and when it comes to your parent's love lives, even more so... Qubool Hai recently showcased Asad's mother- Dilshad (Shalini… Read Article ▶
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Asad and Zoya to marry in Qubool Hai

Qubool Hai: Will Tanveer’s ouster clear Asad and Zoya’s path to marriage?

2 years ago 6
The conniving evil lady, Tanveer makes another attempt at Zoya's life, but this time she's caught red-handed Asad (Karan Singh Grover) had decided… Read Article ▶
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Gul Khan on Qubool Hai

Director Gul Khan: Qubool Hai is not about Asad and Zoya’s love story!

2 years ago 43
Zoya-Asad lost second chance to marry, thanks to wily Tanveer! Such worn-out twists and turns are spoiling Qubool Hai, otherwise an entertaining… Read Article ▶
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