Zohra Segal: An Interview 2012 News

  • | June 28th, 2012

    Zohra Segal: I wish someone would euthanise me

    Zohra Segal: I wish someone would euthanise me

    The iconic artiste celebrated her 100th birthday with her official biography, Zohra Segal: Fatty, and feels she has done everything in life

    Abhi na jaana chhod kar… ki cake abhi kata nahin… ki pet abhi bhara nahin” (Don’t leave the party, the cake hasn’t been cut yet, tummy isn’t filled yet), recited the blue-eyed “baby” of entertainment, actor-dancer Zohra Segal on her 100th birthday, punning on her favourite sonnet Abhi To Main Jawan Hoon by poet Hafeez Jullundhri as she cut a large chocolate cake. Her characteristic lust for life appeared undimmed late Friday at the launch of her first official biography, Zohra Segal: Fatty by daughter Kiran Segal. Click here to read more