PVR Director’s Rare: Fire in the Blood to be screened in three more cities

The documentary has enjoyed a successful third week in Mumbai theatres and will now be shown in Mangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai as well

Thanks to an overwhelming response Indian documentary Fire in the Blood is enjoying a successful run in Mumbai. Now the plans are to screen the documentary in cities like Mangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai this week.

The film is being currently screened as a part of the PVR Director’s Rare, an alternative programming initiative of PVR Cinemas to support the theatrical release of critically acclaimed, independent films.

“Bringing Fire in the Blood home to India has been an exhilarating experience. I am confident that it will continue for another week and become the first ever Indian documentary to do so,” Shiladitya Bora of PVR Director’s Rare, said in a statement.

The film was shifted to a morning slot in its second week. “We had shifted the slot given to the film and it was given a morning show. But now, due to the performance, we have moved it to the evening slot,” said Bora.

The film has also been filed as an independent Oscar entry in the documentary category as well.

Narrated by Oscar-winner and four-time nominee William Hurt, Fire in the Blood talks about the consequences of Western pharmaceutical companies and governments blocking access to low-cost AIDS drugs in the years after 1996. This resulted in more than 10 million avoidable deaths in Africa. But a monumental change was brought about by a small group of people who decided to fight back against the unjust blockade.