Posted Fri, March 30, 2012 10:10am IST

Mahinder Malik throws a themed party in tonight’s episode

Amrit Manthan‘s Mahinder Malik (SP Lalwani), we know, is a boisterous individual. He believes that it is high time he showed off the influence he has in social circles. The best way to do this, according to him, is to throw a party. Just any party won’t do for Mahi. It has to be a themed party, that too a Bollywood-themed one. Good excuse for our other beloved characters to play dress up. Nimrit dresses up as Chandni in the eponymous flick, Agam chooses to be superhero Krrish, Kido turns into Circuit, Sunita is Devdas’s Paro while Varun is Bodyguard. Mahi has to be above them all, so he chooses to be the biggest villain of Bollywood – Gabbar Singh. Instead of wearing army fatigues like Amjad Khan’s Gabbar, he dresses up in golden trousers and shirt. While we can still forgive those, we are not sure exactly whom Amrit is emulating. We hear she is supposed to be Princess but that name doesn’t have much of a recall value for us. It is intriguing enough for us to watch the episode just to figure it out. Why don’t you try and guess?

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Photos courtesy: Director’s Kut