BALIKA VADHU: Meet Anandi’s new lover Sidharth Shukla!

BALIKA VADHU: Meet Anandi’s new lover Sidharth Shukla!

The Baabul Ka Aangan Chootey Na actor says he is more than happy to play Shiv, the new man in our fave lady’s life

One thousand episodes later, Balika Vadhu has seen a new character Shiv enter the show. Anandi and Jagya’s tumultuous relationship has come to an end. Anandi’s in-laws are now in search of a new husband for her. The feisty lady has no idea about their plans and is ornery when she meets Shiv for the first time. Whether Anandi will be able to move on from Jagya and into the arms of Shiv is something even the actors playing the two characters – Pratyusha Banerjee and Sidharth Shukla – insist they are unaware of.

You remember Sidharth? The handsome dude from Baabul Ka Aangan Chootey Na and Jaane Pehchaane Se Yeh Ajnabi? The former Gladrags Mega Model winner admits, “I am the new man in Anandi’s life.” “I play a Collector. Shiv is honest, straightforward and very particular about his work.” Those qualities don’t seem to be far from what Sidharth is in real life too. “I’ve learnt my craft on the job,” he reveals. “I am not insecure as an actor. In this industry you can never be sure when you will get work. You can’t say this is the plan. That’s why I’ve stopped planning anything. I just go with the flow.” He is more than happy to be a part of the top-rated show. “I didn’t have any second thoughts about doing it. I’ve caught it briefly before I signed it because my mother and sister watch it. Now that I am on the show, they don’t have to leave their favourite show just to watch mine,” he laughs.

While Sidharth was part of his earlier shows from the time they started, this time around, he has signed up to enter a show at its peak. Isn’t this more of a challenge? “I don’t know about that. You just add more pressure on yourself instead of the pressure coming from others. When the show has been running successfully for 1000 episodes, it has a dedicated fan following. You want to make your mark and so put pressure on yourself. That pressure makes you work,” he explains.

Despite his hectic schedule, Sidharth takes time to do what he loves best – work out. “I have always been working out for an hour or an hour and a half. It’s not something I do for a reason. I do it because I like to. If you did it for a reason, you’ll stop doing it once the reason has ended. When you want to do something, you’ll definitely take the time out for it,” he says. Wouldn’t you love to see the results of all that labour of love on your screens? We are keeping our fingers crossed. Are you?

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  • nancy

    i love balika vadhu,,,such a awesome show,,,nd a new entry shiv,,uff going crazy for him,,keep it up,,,,,love u,,,,balika vadhu,,mummm’

    • gauri

      Hi shiv, I like your show, I just want to request your serial writer that in future do not break shiv and anandi love, and I just really want that he do not break shiv and anandi marriage. Me and all of my friends wants to see shiv and anandi as husband – wife in the serial balika vadhu.

  • surekha srivastava

    Mr sidharth shukla (shiv) u look great in balika vadhu serial on colours channel.your entery makes the serial more interesting!(anandi) pratyusha banarjee n u look perfect!!!keep it’s one of my favourite serial….

  • archana talwar

    hello….mr.siddharth u luk great in balika vadhu…ur entry has made d serial colourful in colours channel………now i luv d show a lot ur character iz very great as an ias officer……al d very best…..

    • rushab kucheriya

      very bad jodi……….or couple,…. but j&a

  • narendra mohan

    Really,Balika Badhu serial is doing wonders and also reflecting image of society.The acting of Mr shukla as a collector is superb.A very good theme

    • dhana krupa

      yes its true balikavadhu is a very intersting serial i like it so much in futher it was very intersting

  • priya

    balika vadhu serial is very superb wonderful and amazine i love this very very much the siddharth shukla you entry a very asome as alike you very handsome guy am fan of you sir
    balika vadhu background music is very superb please send me thana thana din thana background music please please send to email sir

  • lovely aashu…

    love u shiv upss mr.shukla…..going carzy 4r u yal…u r playng such a nce role n u r suberb in it…..

  • arpita

    Hello Mr. Siddharth, You are such a lovely and handsome guy.
    I am very crazy for u.

    • king

      u r right

  • ghanshyam

    very nice look

  • rajeswari

    sidharth u lookeing superrrrrrrr.super jodi

  • Devyani

    i’m ur fan since gladrags manhunt peagent in 2004!
    U r really superb siddharth sir…

  • sreyashi mazumdar

    my interest for ballika vadhu got doubled when the character shiv entered,i’m just got crazy for him.

  • veena

    u r superb actor siddarth.wen u entered the show as shiv it got more resposeble. i am fan of u

  • avni

    hi sid, after ur entry in balikavadhu i started to watch this show,ur character as shiv is awesom yaar .ur look,character,style every thing is superb.i really like u collector sahab.

  • Moumita

    Iam a big fan of sidharth from d very first day he entered d show and i m also crazy about to see him. i didn’t missed any episodes of balika vadhu atlest now onwards……..i really admire ur character in the show and wantd a partner like u from every angle…….bye

  • pooja rawal

    hi sid..i hve seen ur show wch u plyed d char. As veer…& recently seen u in lifeok chnl special shw… Abut independence ….u just amazed me wid ur silent loks…, awsme smile & d way u look….2 others..
    I hve seen ur dance also….omg u r a grt dancer also…
    U r realy handsme man….ur smle…. Z just 2 gud… So keep smilng …u hve d real prsnalty lke a big business man icon lke ur char. As veer….
    Wht a height u hve dude…killer…al in 1 u r just a complete packge 2 a grl….I don’t knw abut otheR grls thnkng but 4 me u r just hve a prsnalty tht can charm any grl… especially ur smile addicted 2 ur smile…& u shuld hve do sme films ..why don’t u start frm d south films..u hve a grt height..4 dis…& just 2 say keep rockng….:* alwys …may god gve wht u desrve in ur lfe…
    am 1 of ur welwisher ….

  • prashanthi

    first of all thanks for showing us wonderful serial balika vadhu team this is really super serial and unique serial because every day give one moral to people.shiv and anandi acting is fantastic i love background music it is really wonderful plz send the balika vadhu music like happy mode of the seen to my mail.

    • sivananda raju

      Yesterday(29th Aug)’s episode filled my eyes with tears..hurt touching serial. i love to watch everyday. feels so much happy too by filling tears in eyes. Superb Superb Superb serail

    • siddharth vyas

      did u gt d background music…if yes than plz plz snd it to siddhuvyas007@gmail plzzz

  • deblina

    super super super super super super just super,,,,very cute

  • kavitha

    The thanks for showing us wonderful serial balika vadhu team this is really super serial.and also super jodi.

  • vedashri

    Pls get rid of Jagdish in Anandi’s life. Either let him change completely himself and become good and not think of creating any trouble for anandi and shiv. Jagdish should start his life in a new manner. Its really irritating to see Jagdish (in a negative role) in the serial, always interfering between anandi and shiv. Pls do create any rift between anandi and shiv. Let shiv and anandi get married as soon as possible….

  • jaya kurup

    Hey, What is the meaning of this type of story? Is a boy is capable to tell he wants Jagiya for treatment? foolish// or kya?

  • jaya kurup

    PLS stop it or wind out to end

  • jaya kurup

    HAlooo pls why u r showing like this? let Anadi do what she & dadi shiv will marry ashima,she is his lifepartner. anadi a sorrowful girl let her life making simpathy to jagiya where he is troubled a LOT.ok U carry on ur way.we r going to stop watching.that is the right way to us,OK.

  • jaya kurup

    HAlooo what a drama is creating that fool.any how u getrid of from there where Shiv stays.Let anadi marry shiv or allow her to go back to jagiya where he troubled her a lot.she is not at all learning any good,how much she sufferd by jagiya.when a good person like Shiv,where anadi is a diverce,god will help him when he is ready to marry anadi.while opposing by chottimom, way to say any good finally we r not at all watching BV OR any other serials.OK.PLS CO.OPerative our likeings & suggestions,pls ther way to cointinue this?How many ways to distroy,jagiya? we will tell u,ok

  • sandy

    hello all …..well the show will soon start losing its viewwer if jagyas family now forgive him as no good can fullfill what he did to anandi .and if dadisa forgives him now then she will be destroying her image ….let shiv and anandi marry or the whole idea goes wrong the men will start thinking they can get away with anything and end of the day their family will stand by them ….no it shuold not be so ….what lesson are you guys teaching the public …jagya needs to know that what he did cannot be forgiven … all men know that women are not so weak or they are not doormats that u use them like you want to ….please get anandi married to shiv …..thanks

  • rekha

    please dont show the break up of anandi and shiva

    • Mahipal Singh Rajput

      We should not forget the high thinking of jagdish Family so
      Anandi should give a chance to sacrifice and should marry again with Jagdish, It practically not possible that A family
      send his son in Jail and marry his wife with other. It will bea great wrong message to peoples.

  • surya

    yeah! shiv marry anandi never leave her u r the perfect man for her no other is like u…(:

  • sunita

    shiv is d perfect half for Anandi ………….

  • lalita

    Shiv is the perfect match for anandi . also he is very very handsome and nice looking guy .

  • Mahipal Singh Rajput

    When jagdish sacrificed Anandi should not marry with Shiv , Being a Rajput she should follow Rajput History when the Queen Padmani finished her self. Marriage with shiv is against Rajput’s morality.

    • nanu


  • sumana

    oooof iam very muchlike you

  • meena

    shiv you are a most handsome guy . my family like’s you very much, and i like you very much. buy sidharth shukla

  • suman

    shiv anandi ki jodi ke bina balika vadhu fail serial ho chuka hai ya to anandi change kar de ya is serial ko band kar diya jaye ye anandi to jagya ki mom se bhi badi lagti hai kuchh to sahi karo yaar

  • Princesss Aabhilasha Kumari

    dear Mr Shukla
    I was true admirer of ur vision but sadly as I saw you are mocking relationships. it make most people like me and several other CRINGE and trust me whatever it is you have not only lost all respect as a writer but this will give ZERO marks to us as people you believe would accept all the filth you want to show us I apologize but I will now make sure all my friends and relatives all over India and aboard boycott watching this DIGUSTING ALLIANCE that you have now put in your episode. TRULY SHAMEFUL even backward people like people in my factory and home switched off the television. Its a True violation of human sentiment and relationships. I hope you feel some guilt in even writing this episode and even letting it be telecasted. SCHOCKING