BIGG BOSS 5: Shakti Kapoor nominates Pooja Misrra

Shakti Kapoor was caught in a fix when, on the very first day, he was asked to exercise his right as a captain and nominate four girls. The rest of the members of the Bigg Boss house had two nominate any two out of those four names given by Shakti. So it turns out that Pooja Misrra has been giving out negative vibes to the housemates on the very first day! She got the most number of nominations- eight votes. Charles Shobraj’s wife Nihita was the second one to be nominated with five votes. It seems in today’s episode Shakti will pep up Pooja, who had started feeling like she was being cornered, by telling her that she had a better chance of staying in the house since she was Indian unlike Nihita who is from Nepal!

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