BIGG BOSS 5: Sidhu might enter as wild card

All you Navjot Singh Sidhu fans, who were shocked when it turned out that their idol was not part of Bigg Boss 5, can finally get excited again. Yes, the cricketer-turned-politician just might be entering the Bigg Boss 5 house soon as a wild card. As we had reported earlier, Sidhu had even taken the necessary permission from his bosses at the Bharatiya Janta Party to take part in the show and bring some “positivity” into a house full of “negativity”. So if the contestants had been relieved that they will not have to put up with Sidhuisms on top of Shakti Kapoor’s Shaktisms, well, they are going to be shocked, aren’t they? Even in a reality far removed from the outside world, the pretty ladies are going to be stuck with weird similes.

Much brouhaha had been made about Shakti being the only male in the house full of women. Looks like the story doesn’t end there and he will soon lose that status with Sidhu’s entry. There were several other male names being tossed about as contestants on the show. In fact, Kamaal R Khan had even tweeted that he will be entering the house, but he was nowhere to be seen on day 1. Does this mean that with every lady who is eliminated, a male contestant will enter the show? Now that would perk things up a bit!

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