Dekha Ek Khwaab: the transformation of Manyataa

Just a couple of days ago we complained that the change from Moniya to Manyataa in Dekha Ek Khwaab was taking for ever, and we were getting a little fed up of the dreadfully long-drawn-out drama of a princess who had to learn to be a princess. Now, finally, it seems to be happening. With typical Hindi soap opera fits and starts, of course

Prince Udayveer has been helping the young rescued-from-her-chawl girl to slowly morph into a rajkumari. There are the classic Pygmalion-like glitches, obviously, with Moniya screeching in pain at her first experience of waxing her arms, her squeaks at having her (already neat) eyebrows plucked and her shock at wearing clothes that are not just skimpy but astonishingly ugly as well, in our opinion. All this happens against the backdrop of rival preparations by the heir-elect Jaynandini, some scheming by papa Brijraj and even more plotting from granny Mrinalini Devi, all while fond mum Komal stands by and wrings her hands most fetchingly.

And now Manyataa has made an entrance to the party as a rajkumari, resplendent on Uday’s arm, only to be tripped up by her envious sister. Will she react like a princess as she picks herself up or will her chawl-persona surface to start a new battle with her sibling? Or will the granny with a devious plan change her mind about who will take over the crown next? Wait and watch to find out more….