DEKHA EK KHWAAB: When will Moniya truly turn into Princess Maanyata?

The problem with television is that there is only a half hour slot to fill. Which means that not much can happen…or else too much happens. With Hindi soap operas, the former wins, which means that stories get stretched out beyond natural elasticity and one drama follows the next at a painfully languid pace

Something of this kind is happening in Dekha Ek Khwaab, the story of an accidental princess. So far, we know that Moniya, the girl from a chawl, is actually Maanyata, a princess who was kidnapped from her palace home as a child and brought up to be a very ordinary girl. She was ‘found’ and restored to the bosom of her large and not-totally-approving family, and was told to fit in, never mind her feelings and sensibilities and inability to deal with the transformation with any level of comfort.

The physical morph should have been a logical one. Unfortunately, that is the part that is getting to us. The fight about whether she should or should not be the Rajkumari – an honour-title given to the ultimate heir – has finally been resolved after many episodes of her fighting it and demanding to be reunited with her chawl-resident lover. Okay, we are fine with the fact that thing in telly-world take time and stories develop slowly, but c’mon, get on with it, people! Many moons ago you told us that the transformation of Moniya into Maanyata will be very much like the Jassi story, but when will it happen? Could we please hurry this up a bit…or are you trying to lose your audience already?