Dolly Bindra gets threatening phone calls!

Dolly Bindra has revealed that she has been receiving threatening phone calls for the past few days. The actor, who rose to fame with her loud act on Bigg Boss 4, spoke to the media while attending the grand finale of Bigg Boss 5 on Saturday. She said an unknown caller has called her from three different international numbers saying that she should stop being outspoken and call a halt to her “dadagiri” (bullying). If she doesn’t do so the caller will kill her. Dolly claimed that when she asked the caller to reveal his identity, he told her, “Tera baap bol raha hoon” (This is your father speaking). Dolly’s father has passed away a few years ago. However, Dolly is not scared. She said, “I will be who I am. If he (the caller) has a problem, let him come and tell me face to face.” She has already lodged a complaint at the local police station.

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