Harshad Arora: Beintehaa has better content than other serials

Beintehaa on Colours

The show was launched on Thursday and will be on air from December 30 on Colours

New TV show Beintehaa, a love story of two headstrong people and set against the Muslim milieu in the locales of Bhopal, makes for a good package with great production values and entertaining content, says its lead actor Harshad Arora. “We have shot it like a film. We have shot at locations in Bhopal, the characterisation is very good and the content is better as compared to other shows,” Harshad said at the show’s official launch here Thursday. “I don’t think such content has come on television…I think everything combined together makes a very good package,” he added.

The story may be about Muslim families, but the use of the Urdu language is minimal in the show. “My character is very modern, and there is not much use of the Urdu language. It is a mix of English, Hindi and Urdu. But still I did some research and watch some Pakistani shows (to prepare for my role),” Harshad said.

Preetika Rao, who is the sister of Bollywood actor Amrita Rao and plays Aaliya in Beintehaa, says the show caters to a wide audience and so, the use of Urdu has been kept to bare minimum. “The show is for the entire Indian audience so we can’t have much of Urdu. But yes, a few Urdu words will be used here and there,” Preetika said.

Harshad said that Beintehaa will see both love and hate. Beintehaa goes on air Monday on Colors.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ronnit Bakshi

    Yahoo 2 days to go :) God bless Beintehaa <3

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      I m d craziest fan of HAR-PREET…I guess if beintehaa have completed 150 episodes than I had almost watched 148….love u ZAYA

  • sara

    Beintehaa is going on so AMAZING so far !

  • sara

    LOve you Aliyah and Zain xxx