Imagine TV to go off air today!

Imagine TV to go off air today!

There has been buzz about the channel shutting down for a long time now. We guess those rumours weren’t totally false. Here’s why the channel won’t be aired any more

Imagine TV, a channel which was owned by US-based Turner Broadcasting System Inc will officially go off air today. And the reason behind this is low ratings and failure to meet the desired targets in terms of viewership and popularity. The channel was launched in India on January 21, 2008. It changed hands from NDTV to INX group a while later. And now, four years later it will finally shut shop.

But this news doesn’t come as a big surprise. The channel was in the news for its dwindling numbers every now and then. Jamuna Paar, Dwarkadheesh, Saware Sabke Sapne Preeto are some of the shows that were currently being aired on this channel. And guess those weren’t very popular when compared to the latest shows running on rival channels Colors, Sony, Zee or Star Plus.

Even so, we’re curious to know the fate of the serials on Imagine TV, especially Swayamvar – Veena Ka Vivaah.  Now with the channel going off air will Veena Malik remain a spinster all her life? We can’t help but wonder. Guess it’s time to wait and watch how all this will affect the television world!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • k11

    That is really bad because U.K really depends on this channel alot!

    • raghav

      am feeling really sad for missing my favourite dwarkadeesh krishna. so royal that serial was. only one serial i use to watch with full expectation. KRISHNA was so cute. hey my lord please come back please no matter any channel.

  • ramanjit singh

    thats bad man imagine tv is the only channel that has made a lot of great serials and hd quality religious programmes
    i think the channel had the most trps because the channel was running free to air

  • saira

    I know it had so many viewers I dnt understand y it has shut down! I prefrd ndtv imagine than zee tv nd other channels atleast dramas on imagine hd better story like preeto! I hope some miracle happpen and the channel cums bak by this week. X

    • Alok

      i and my family will be very sad as we only watched the serials of imagine tv my mom will really miss the serial baba aiso war doondho and me chandragupta maurya

  • yohoo

    omg!!! for all the people that cnt afford starplus they rely on ndtv there was some reely good dramas other than the traditional luv stories..they had reality on ther dramas like preeto and beendh banunga cnt belive this is happenin omg plz dont remove this channel i luv all the actors if u dnt think about us then think about the big shock to all the actors and employees on ndtv..cum on giv this channel one more chance..buh who are we to say anything were jus simple people…if i say anything it wont make a difrence…. buh hey life moves on with tym…..

  • Hemendra Kumar Saini

    that’s call bad management, when i thought channel is started back on track with new shows like me aajhi aur sahib and jamuna paar and my favorite chandragupta maurya then all shut down.

  • serialssaharaone

    Usually I don’t learn post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to check out and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, very great article.

  • pks

    i will miss my favourite & only watched tv serial chandragupt maurya, pls tell wheather it will be shown on some other channle or gone for ever?

  • shubhangi

    i used 2 watch mny serials on imagine tv, my favourite being chandragupta maurya. i used to wait the whole week for it. the other one was me aaji ani saheb.
    very sad the the channel shut down. i wish some other channel wud run these shows.

  • kulbhushan sharma

    i m missing chandragupt maurya. it was the only serial i was watching and missing it badly. plz restart.

  • Arnav Ramkrishnan

    I wonder what will happen to Chandragupt Maurya? That was the only program I watched and egarly waited every week for it. I didnt call Saturday as Saturday. Like if anyone in my family asked what is the day, it was like “Aaj Chandragupta hai”

    Hope if it re-starts (only the show, I dont care about the channel) any how :(

  • Col JS RAJU

    I regularly watch “Chnadra Gupta maurya:\”
    My wife watched ‘preetho” every day.

    If it closes where will these serial go???

    Please advise

  • Sana

    i paid big canadian dollars to watch this channel… loved baba aiso var dhoondo, i cant believe they would shut down without finishing their dramas. i wasted my money for 2 years all for what??? if ndtv imagine team has any other channels b sure not to watch because i want them totally out of business!!

  • Abhinav

    hey what about chandragupta maurya… was the only serial i watched…..what will happen to this show now?

  • Arun Kumar Mahto

    I used to watch Chandragupta Maurya.Now,what will happen? Please,come back Imagine.

  • Tasneem

    I now the shows weren’t so popular but the people who were watching this channel liked the serials and so……… very less people now about this channel so how won’t it get less rating 1st you people have to think how many people of the world now about this channel…… In Saudi Arabia many people get to now this channel because Colors Star Plus Sony TV doesn’t work over here if it has to work we have to pay money 4 it……. so for this reason people is Saudi Arabia watch Imagine TV……. WE REQUEST YOU THAT PLEASE LET IMAGINE TV GO ON UNTIL THE SERIALS FINISH AFTER THAT YOU PEOPLE CAN SHUT IT DOWN AGAIN……………

  • shaheda

    Hi,I am a fan of imagine channel which is a brilliant channel.I am very disoppointed,of the channel gone off .will u please bring this channel imagine back.thanks

  • Taz

    My mum loved this channel but my GOD I hated it!! I hated how they dragged 5min stories for 30mins with rubbish dramatic posh posh posh on every characters face when even the slightest drama happened and how every show had the same format, music, posh posh posh Zzzzzzzzzzzzz everyone needed the sack and this is the best thing that happened. Makers with no imagination and treating the public like mugs/robots and flogging a dead horse like Indian tv/cinema loves to do

    UK non viewer!

  • amb group.

    PlZzzzzzzzzz we want Chnadragupta maurya back. Chanakya and chandu acted so well. we are missing……….

  • Sohail

    I love Jamuna paar tv serial plz imagine ko wapas lao

  • saarika

    i want ndtv imagine channel start again