Joey Matthews to be a desi Nigella Lawson?

The model is going to turn chef-goddess and anchor with a hot and spicy food show

If you thought only Nigella Lawson could make you believe that cooking is sexy, think again. We are getting a desi version. Former model Joey Matthews is gearing up to host her own cooking show. And she sure isn’t going to shy away from really ‘hot’ topics. From what we’ve heard and seen so far, it seems Joey is more than willing to go the Nigella route and make the act of cooking an enticing one.

The model’s love for food started when she moved from her hometown in Kerala to Delhi for better career prospects. Since she missed her favourite authentic Malayali dishes, she started preparing them on her own. Her adventure with food continued when she moved to London. Now she’s back and ready to don her new hat as chef on her show, Love Bites With Joey. Of course, she won’t limit herself to Malayali cuisine. There is a whole array of dishes she’s feasted on during her travels that she’ll bring to your homes. Unlike Nigella, Joey has retained her model figure but that, we hear, isn’t going to make her any less interesting than the British TV chef whose curves single-handedly started a worldwide debate on female anchors. The two may be equally hot, but we do wonder if Joey’ll be a better cook. After all, the proof of the fish curry is in the eating, no?