Kapil Sharma’s Narendra Modi retweet sparks off an ugly twitter battle!

Comic virtuoso Kapil Sharma’s popularity seems to be touching new heights. The latest was a tweet by Narendra Modi which compared Rahul Gandhi’s speeches to Kapil’s comedy

Modi tweeted, “The way Rahul Baba is making statements with a dash of comedy in them I think the TV show of Kapil Sharma may soon have to shut shop.”

Highly amused and somewhat flattered by the reference to his comic capabilities in the prospective prime minister’s speech Kapil says, “I don’t know whether Modiji’s comment is a compliment to me or not. But I’d like to take it as a compliment. For a politician as important as him to even notice the humour in my show is a big thing. I hope he watches my show.”

Kapil’s innocuous re-tweet of NaMO tweet sparked off an ugly twitter battle between supporters and opponents of the Gujarat CM. The stand-up comedian had to hastily delete the Modi tweet and plead with his fans and followers to stop the ugly war of words. He expressed immense dismay at the turn of events. “Out of a sense of innocent excitement I re-tweeted Modiji’s comment where he mentioned my show. How was I to know it would spark off a very ugly and undesirable verbal battle on the social network? I was horrified to see people using dirty abusive language for one another. I couldn’t understand what provoked them. That I could’ve even indirectly provoked this ugly war of words pains me a lot. I am not affiliated to any politician or political party,” says the baffled entertainer.

Kapil was invited by more than one political party during the current election season . However he has chosen to remain apolitical. Says he, “It’s a very big thing for me that I am able to make dignitaries, actors, politicians and the aam junta laugh and smile. That is the most valuable social service affordable to me. Beyond that I will lend my support to the occasional political friend when he asks me to. But I’d never be a part of active politics.”

Source: DNA