Kavita Kaushik: I’m thrilled about playing a superhero in FIR

Chandramukhi Chautala is all set to don a superhero costume and ditch the khakee wardi!

Kavita Kaushik, who will be seen performing stunts as Krishika, a superhero, in FIR, says she is not scared of stunts. “I’m very excited about the stunts and I get fascinated with the scars and marks, so I never fear minor injuries. I believe every scar has a story, which is a memory that always stays with you unlike popularity and success,” Kavita said in a statement. “These stunts will give me great stories to tell to my kids and grandchildren,” she added.

Kavita is mostly seen in the khakee uniform in the show, but for the superhero part she will wear a new costume. “My director and team have designed this comfortable, sexy yet so superhero costume for me,” she said.

The episodes featuring Kavita will start Monday on SAB TV.