Mary Lynn Rajskub: Political commentary on real events made 24 work

The telly actor, who plays Chloe O’Brian in the popular US TV show 24, says that the suspense thriller has been a massive hit all over the world as it’s one of the first shows to have political commentary about real events

The show’s first season went on air in 2001. It completed eight seasons in 2010 and now it is back after a break of four years as a special edition consisting of 12 episodes.Mary Lynn Rajskub reveals why it’s still a favourite of many. “I think it was one of the first shows to have that political commentary about real events that pushed people’s buttons and sort of, for better or for worse, gives an eye into the president’s office,” said Rajskub in a statement.

“So it’s building up the American culture and also showing the underbelly and the possibility of…I think this is for the first time we’ve seen a terrorist family and then 24 was ballsy enough to be like ‘Here’s them in their house’. You know, to sort of write the narrative about that, and I think it sort of pushed a lot of buttons early on,” the actor added.

She believes that the script of 24: Live Another Day, currently being aired on AXN India every Friday at 10 pm, is really strong. “I can say that the scripts are really strong, and it’s funny cause we’re doing a lot of-I was talking to one of the second AD’s-we’re doing a lot of little reshoots now, because I think they’re going over episodes one and two in Los Angeles, and they’re doing these little tweaks cause they want them to be really perfect,” said the co-star of Kiefer Sutherland.

She also said that along with scripts, the visuals have been really great but she is curious to see how it plays out. For the actor, who plays an intelligence analyst in the show, the current season is the most challenging. “I talked to Jon Cassar (who was the executive producer from season one to seven) about this, because in some ways, the snarky, sarcastic Chloe is not really there. She’s starting to come out again a little bit, but she’s so damaged and in a dark place that there’s this heaviness, so that’s been a challenge and a cool, unexpected place that she’s in,” she said.


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