SAAS BINA SASURAAL: The real reason behind Toasty’s well-being

Was it Nani’s kaadha or Tej’s prayers that brought Toasty aka Tanya of Saas Bina Sasuraal back to consciousness?

The last few episodes of Saas Bina Sasuraal have been tense. Toasty (Aishwarya Sakhuja) had met with an accident and was admitted to the ICU in a hospital. She was battling a nasty blood clot that threatened to take her life. In the nick of time, Nani (Gopi Desai) came up with an Ayurvedic kaadha complete with ingredients from the jungle to save her dear bahu’s life.

While many members of the family – Pitaji (Darshan Jariwala), Toasty’s mom aka Sudha Lalit Kumar Sharma (Anjali Mukhi)  and dad aka Lalit Kumar Sharma (Rajiv Kumar) – were against the kaadha business, Tej (Ravi Dubey) stood by Nani’s faith and experience. He signed the hospital papers saying that the doctors won’t be responsible in case things went wrong. In the moments that followed, we saw Nani hanging on to her string of holy beads and Tej holding Lord Ganesh at ransom for blowing life back into dear wifey. After some time, the doctor conducted a CT scan and found that the clot had indeed disappeared! Toasty soon opened her eyes and was welcomed back in the world by her teary-eyed family members. Phew!

But amidst all this, no one noticed that dear Tej had held some burning camphors in his hand for over an hour. No doubt we were worried about Toasty’s life, but we just couldn’t help wonder about Tej’s powerful palms that didn’t show any signs of burn. Now that’s a miracle, isn’t it? Albeit one that went unnoticed in the hullaballoo of Toasty regaining consciousness.

But what do you think worked in Toasty’s favour – Naani’s kaadha or Tej’s prayers? Tell us!