Salman Khan hits women: Shakti Kapoor

Salman Khan hits women: Shakti Kapoor

Shakti Kapoor is still ranting over his exit from Bigg Boss 5. The actor, who claimed the show is rigged, is now resorting to venting his anger on Salman Khan. The veteran actor has called Salman “A person who hits women.gets drunk and drive over people.hunts deers.shame(sic)”. It may be recalled that Salman and Shakti, one-time friends, had a spat sometime ago. Knowing Salman’s unforgiving nature, he backed out of launching Shakti’s son Siddhanth post the fight. In fact, Shakti had even mentioned his clash with a certain top star of Bollywood, on Bigg Boss 5. Earlier saying that Salman is the Bigg Boss, now Shakti has tweeted, “Even salman cud nt save d biggest fraud called BIG BOSS.” However, he says that Mahek Chahal will go on to win Bigg Boss 5, as she is “Salman’s girl”. Talk about sour grapes!


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  • puja

    shakti kapoor ki aukat kya hain jo woh salman ko bolne aya character less admi publicity ke liye yeh sab kar raha hain…shame on shakti kapoor

    • roxana

      I agree with you,I wish mahek wins then he will be more gellous

  • Nitish

    Now i m sure that mahek will win she is disgusting fcking

  • Jargan

    This is proved why Shakti Kapoor didn’t win this show,,, best of luck whoever wins… We love Salman

  • angel

    so what if mahek will win bigg boss…….salman still the best……love u……..shakti kapoor go to helllll……..

  • rani

    if you believe anything the media says then you are crazy, but we still love salman khan…

  • RockY

    Shakti Kapoor’s fake account is operated by none other than SRK’s staff. SRK- Once a Fraudulent King, now a dirty pauper, the most insecure actor in Bollywood.

    As far as the politically framed allegations on Salman goes, such lies can never been proven in the court of law.

  • suki

    I think its not shakti its s.r gay who is doing this under shaktis name,well guys can’t blame after spending 150cr on he still didn’t beat salman khan’s box office so what else can he do but try to get even.

    poor looser

  • kavi

    Tsk Tsk..the truth hurts doesn’t it? Mr. salman loser khan?

    • arshiya

      u r a big bloddy cyco.

    • arshiya

      dont dare to say anything to salman. or else u just wait and watch miss

    • arshiya

      kavi u r a bigggggggg time loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr