Salman Khan hits women: Shakti Kapoor

Shakti Kapoor is still ranting over his exit from Bigg Boss 5. The actor, who claimed the show is rigged, is now resorting to venting his anger on Salman Khan. The veteran actor has called Salman “A person who hits women.gets drunk and drive over people.hunts deers.shame(sic)”. It may be recalled that Salman and Shakti, one-time friends, had a spat sometime ago. Knowing Salman’s unforgiving nature, he backed out of launching Shakti’s son Siddhanth post the fight. In fact, Shakti had even mentioned his clash with a certain top star of Bollywood, on Bigg Boss 5. Earlier saying that Salman is the Bigg Boss, now Shakti has tweeted, “Even salman cud nt save d biggest fraud called BIG BOSS.” However, he says that Mahek Chahal will go on to win Bigg Boss 5, as she is “Salman’s girl”. Talk about sour grapes!


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