Here’s what Swara Bhaskar feels about actresses talking about women empowerment – watch video

Dressed in a white outfit with matching sneakers, Swara Bhaskar can pass off as your chic friend. But is her eloquence that has everyone talking. We know that Swara Bhaskar is as intelligent as she is talented. Her performance in last year’s Nil Battey Sannata was lauded by one and all. Swara who started off her career in films nine years ago but recognition came to her in last six years after the Tanu Weds Manu series. Today, writers are creating scripts keeping Swara Bhaskar in mind and she could not be happier. The lady’s latest film Anarkali of Aarah has her playing an erotic singer from Bihar’s heartland. (ALSO READ: Swara Bhaskar: My experience of Bollywood is not nepotistic at all)

Swara’s latest film also revolves around misogyny and who it affects women despite their class or social status. In her film, she refuses to take her insult lying down. The actress says the character is close to her as she is also an artiste and a feminist. In various interviews, Swara has spoken about gender equality and empowerment. She truly believes that women only want the rights that men have and nothing special. This is her definition of feminism. She had said that she is a proud feminist and unabashed about it. According to her, feminism is a movement for people’s right. It also reduces the pressure on men to be ‘strong’, breadwinners and excessively masculine. (ALSO READ: 8 quotes by Swara Bhaskar that will help you understand Feminism better)

In our interview, Swara says that Bollywood is indeed sexist. And she also says that people should speak about feminism if they actually believe in it.  The actress also opens up on Bollywood being misogynistic in its outlook. Anarkali of Aarah is produced by Priya and Sandip Kapur and directed by Avinash Das. It will release on March 24. The film is based in Aarah, which is close to Patna. The film’s controversial scenes involving Swara got leaked and lately there was a report that some politicians from the town were upset over a song that was filmed in an University in the area. Stay tuned to Bollywood Life for more scoop and updates…