Ice Cream 2 song Kiss Me Everywhere: Is Ram Gopal Varma’s new find Naveena,the next Poonam Pandey? Watch video!

The director recently posted a video of the song which showcases the Telugu actor pulling off a set of sleazy moves. Has B-town found its new Poonam Pandey? Read on to know more…

Ram Gopal Varma seems to have lost track of his directional talents through the years. Where the filmmaker has put forth hits like Company and Sarkar in the past, he has also been the victim of the much invited bashing by film critiques with ventures like Phoonk and Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag.

The director has now stooped to a new low and we are certain the viewers will agree with us upon watching the video of song Kiss Me Everywhere from his upcoming film Ice Cream 2. In his attempt to make the video hot and sexy, Mr Varma instead seems to have released a visual which can be termed as a silly spoof of the same.

The video showcases Telugu actor Naveena giving us some rather raunchy and sleazy moves, which instead of coming across as sensuous, are vulgar and obscene to state the least. The act pulled off by the her, reminds us of Poonam Pandey who is often seen performing similar stints in skimpy attires. Where Ms Pandey is unsubtle with her attempts to seek attention in many ways than one, we believe the latest one to join her company is Naveena no doubt.

RGV had recently released Telugu horror movie Ice Cream this July which earned a mere 2,5 lacks at the box office. Looks like the filmmaker is adamant on continuing the saga with a sequel of his disastrous venture. Well it’s safe to say that Ice Cream 2 won’t be a success either. Watch the video to catch Naveena in her not-so-sexy action and post your comments below!