Deepika Padukone addicted to double roles post ‘Om Shanti Om’?

With Deepika discovering the magic of double roles thanks to Om Shanti Om, let’s catch up on what worked and what didn’t

Om Shanti Om was dear Deepika Padukone’s debut movie that featured her in a double role.  The movie was such a huge success that Deepika decided it was the double-role thingy that did it. Not a surprising thought, especially if you take a look at her amazing performance on YouTube Boxoffice. So, she went ahead and signed another movie with a double role. But, what’s this? The second movie, where we saw her flying with a red umbrella, bombed! Tch tch Deepika. Think before you arrive at such conclusions. Maybe it wasn’t the double role that did it. Do you remember that you were dead once in the movie? Burnt alive. You can try doing that more often. If not, wearing clothes with big polka dots is another option. Something will surely click. Don’t lose heart so soon. After all, seeing you in so many movies has made us habituated to your styles. Although, we would like to ask for one favour please, do keep away from Chinese make-up and umbrellas.

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