Dev Anand said ‘no’ to Shahrukh’s ‘Om Shanti Om’

Farah Khan missed the legendary actor’s flavour in the most filmy movie of the decade

While you know that Om Shanti Om is the movie with the most number of cameos, an add-on is that Dev Anand was also supposed to be a part of the movie. Don’t remember all the cameos? Refresh your memory by watching the movie on YouTube Boxoffice. So, if Dev Anand was to be a part of this movie, what went wrong? Sources say that although Farah Khan, the enthusiastic director of the movie, approached Dev saab with great expectations, the yesteryear actor refused to be play a cameo, saying that he only plays lead roles. C’mon, you want the legendary actor to play a blink-and-miss role? That’s not done! And thinking about the lead role, well, imagine Dev Anand in the role of Om Prakash Makhija. Picture him saying the cliched “Nahin!!” (No) or “Enna rascala! Mind it!” (Hey rascal! Mind it!)? Difficult, right? Well, try a little harder and maybe you will be able to imagine Dev saab saying, “Enna rascala… hmmm hmmm…. Mind it!”, all the while waving both hands in his signature style. Farah couldn’t bear to imagine the scene and so she gave up. With a heavy heart she returned to the movie and decided to do good with whatever she had.

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