Kajal Aggarwal’s obsession with white

Kajal Aggarwal’s obsession with white

A goodluck charm holds a special place in our lives. So, what’s Kajal Aggarwal’s goodluck charm? And is it repsonsible for Singham’s success? Read on to find out! Singham’s Kajal Aggarwal has delivered some blockbuster hits such as Magadheera, Darling, Naan Mahaan Illa and Brindavanam down south. If you are clueless about her role watch it on YouTube Boxoffice right now! Kajal did a seemingly good job in the movie. And while you might expect the actor to credit it all to her acting skills she has a totally different story to tell. Kajal credits it all to the colour white! Yes, it’s not the script, not the acting, not the cast, it’s the colour white that assures success. And Kajal believed in it so strongly that she requested Rohit Shetty to let her wear white for her opening scene. Dear Kajal, first you say ‘no’ to bikini and then you insist on wearing white. Err… don’t you think your list of demands is getting a bit too much? Anyways, sweet Rohit obliged to the leading lady’s request. After all he was also trying out something new. And who would like to jinx their movie over a shade? Well, for now the colour has worked. So does that mean white is packed with some magical powers? But Kajal’s not the only one who is seen in white, the villian (Prakash Raj) also seems to love it! Want to know more about colour combinations of Singham? Then, click to watch the complete movie Singham for FREE!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • priya

    this film osam..kaja and ajay is very good…dis mobvie i like it…10 bar dekhi h mne…i love u kajal.

    • lingaraj


      • narayana


    • Hashmi

      priya ji kajal ko apne ghar le jao she is very sweett after dinner you take kajal kiss for sweett

    • AA

      Dear Priya Ji,
      apne 10 bar Q dekhi, apko 1 bar main samaj ne nahi aai kya.

  • priya

    ajay ne suprb acting ki h.black gadi chlte hue nikalna kya sceen tha…waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaW………….

    • yash

      ya priya

    • kirpal kuta

      kajol looks very sexy in the singham. i want to kiss her foot just once.

      • kirpal kuta

        i wnt to just sex with you also because you also seems to be pretty priya.

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  • surasha


  • suradha

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  • prabhakar

    nice film

    • Ashish Ranjan

      Best of luck for this film.

  • Edward

    Nice Film. I love to see it again & again.


    nice film


    very very very very very very nice film,,,,,,

  • krishna

    its very very good action film
    hats off 2 kajal that in first time she rocks

  • basheer

    nice film. ajay devagan acting is natural . fights are superb …………………… kajal did not perform well …………………………….

  • misskhan

    SINGHAM!!! Is an absolutely amazing movie!!! I wasn’t too sure about the main actress in the beginning, however she brought in the movie an elegant yet charming character lol shes quite comical aswell which is a flippen bonus. OH M G!! MR DEVAGAN, seriously your acting was superb!!! Absolutely off the radar!! I totally enjoyed watching what I call your ‘power scenes’ made you look so hot and i respected that LOL. Power roles aka super man roles definitely suit you!! Keep making films like this and I will keep watching your awesome movies lol..

    • raj

      best movie now yet all then movie.

  • dharam bhardwaj

    Nice Film. I love to see it again & again.

  • akhil

    nice movie i like this movie………….

  • sameer



    thats ok

  • pankaj

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  • Rajeev kumar ranjan

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  • Dilip

    This is Dilip Kumar..
    I like this movie

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  • Pranjal Agrahari

    this is a very nice movie & i like this movie

  • vinay

    plssss write biography of kajal aggarwal

  • kanika

    hi i like this movie very much. this is very nice movie

  • Amol Bhandari

    best movie now yet all then movie.

  • santoshraj

    a good film

  • op naurya

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