Madhuri Dixit or Asin: Who do you think is better?

Madhuri Dixit or Asin: Who do you think is better?

When people started comparing Asin to Madhuri Dixit, the former got really upset. Find out why…

While we’ve talked pretty much about Salman Khan in Ready, so we decided to pay little attention on what dear Asin had to say about the movie and rumours related to it. We realised that the peppy actor wasn’t really happy with a certain rumour. You can watch Asin and her acting skills on YouTube Boxoffice right here and now! Anyways, the first complain we heard from chulbuli girl was the unfair comparison to Bollywood beauty Madhuri Dixit. It so happened that when people heard about Salman Khan being called Prem in the movie, they jumped to conclusions that said that the film-makers are all set to recreate the magic of Hum Aapke Hain Koun…! Asin grew uncomfortable on hearing these rumours and said that they are not following HAHK in any way. She insisted that they are just following the script of Ready. We completely agree with you, Asin baby. It is really unfair to compare you with Madhuri Dixit. Ever thought what dear Mads will think?

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  • annie

    Asin and madhuri??? what a joke! LOL. I guess it is Asin’s PR machineries spreading rumours again.

    • rocky

      well…. I dun think the comparison is gud for both… cuz asin is a beginner n madhuri is a veteran…. may be they can be compared after asin has spent another 15 yrs in the industry!!!

      • unnath

        she has already spent 11 years..ehm ehm…

    • gayani

      must be that. no one in their right mind would want to compare asin with madhuri.

  • khaalid

    They can never be compared, not now not ever. The age gap is two wide….times are different now than when madhuri was a popular actress…..and above all there was never, there is not, and there will never be another actress as good as madhuri dixit. she is bollywood royalty, she belongs with the ranks of mohd. rafi, meena kumari, dilip kumar, ,madhubala etc. Asin is very pretty and she may even be a good actress but madhuri is a legend!!!

    • gayani

      so true

  • Manju

    madhuri & asin both r really very talented actresses pls dont compare with each others

  • Raj

    Comparing Asin to Madhuri Dixit is very foolish. Asin have not yet completed 20 movies and also not in industry formore than 5 years. Comparing her with Madhuri isvery very foolish. Madhuri is India’s HEARTTHROB and she is LEGEND.Asin is like L.K.G before Madhuri

  • Aditya

    Bollywood, the crappiest industry in the world. Product after product of the same thing with soul-less wannabe actors.