Preity Zinta replaced with body double in ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’

It’s a model, and not the pretty actor, who you see jogging in the opening sequence of the film

Surely, you don’t have to scratch your head too hard to recollect how Kal Ho Naa Ho opened? Remember how the camera follows Preity Zinta in a body- hugging outfit as she jogs on every possible street of Manhattan? If you don’t remember, you can refresh your memory by watching the movie on YouTube Boxoffice. Anyway, all KHNH fans will tell you that the unforgettable opening sequence was actually rigged. It is not Preity who you see jogging in front of the camera. And since only her back is visible to us, it was easy to fake the sequence. But why did director Nikhil Advani do this? And why did Preity agree to it? Was she shy of having the camera focus on her… err… curvy backside for that long? Actually, it was none of that. Preity Zinta had begun shooting for the sequence when she fell down and injured herself. There was no way she could continue the jog for the shoot. Production costs were rising and Karan Johar and Nikhil couldn’t afford to delay the shoot. So the decision was taken to get a body double with a similar figure to Preity’s to do the jogging sequence. Preity only appears in the end when Naina finds an empty bench to sit after finishing her jog, and the camera reveals her face.

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