Ready: A critical view

While Sallu bhai was riding high on the success of Ready, the critics didn’t sound too happy. Find out what the critics said, and tell us what you think about Salman Khan’s Ready!

Mayank Shekhar, Hindustan Times: One Ram Pothineni plays hero in the original Ready. Salman is at present the closest North India might get to a Rajinikanth. He doesn’t play a role. The character plays Salman. Sometimes he doesn’t bother lip-synching to his own lines, wanders around disinterestedly, often looks straight to the camera that’s as much in love with this casualness.  Salman’s re-grounded masala (Wanted, Dabanng) is still novel for the time being. He walks into Gaiety to briefly say ‘hi’ to his audiences. There’s a special NGO screening for the underprivileged (like me). This is the pocket where Salman’s truly King Khan: whistles, roars, hooting never stop. The mayhem’s hard to describe. It’s a pop-cultural experience all right, and fully worth it. Unfortunately, there’s also an entire film to sit through. Ah, my neck hurts!

Kaveree Bamzai, India Today: The film is pretty much a showcase for what Salman Khan does best-which is fight, dance, charm the girls, and laugh lazily at everyone. An assortment of ugly relatives, even uglier villains and a plot that makes no sense at all. None of it matters. Salman Khan is deep in the middle of the greatest love affair of his life-with his audience. And one hopes it lasts longer than his past girlfriends.

Rajeev Masand: To describe this film as paisa vasool or time pass is to confess that you really don’t have a life. Because apart from two energetically filmed songs – Character dheela hai and Dhinka chika – this film offers little by way of entertainment. Salman Khan fans, I assure you that reruns of his Dus Ka Dum episodes on Youtube are more likely to make you smile than this agonizingly boring film that wastes the charm of its immensely charismatic star.

Nikhat Kazmi, TNN: Yup, bahut mazaa aaya. But only if you set aside all pretensions of going for a regular, mind-teaser movie. The rest of the characters too are all a crazy bunch. The umpteen men, women and boys — you lose count of them — speak silly, speak shrieky. The music (Pritam) plays at deafening decibel levels. The canvas and the colours of the film are garish and loud. And there isn’t a moment of repose to allow you to think…. Go celebrate the cornball comic display by Salman Khan. You won’t get bored.

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