Ready dialogues we love!

Thu, November 10, 2011 11:30pm IST by
Ready dialogues we love!

Can you imagine the funny one-liners in English? Well, here’s help!

Sanjay Dutt as Marriage Magistrate: Jitni shaadiyaan maine karvaayi hai use zyada maine tudwaayi hai. Main jaanta hoon pyaar andhaa hota hai, but shaadi sabki aankhein khol deti hai.

Sanjay Dutt as Marriage Magistrate: I have broken more marriages than I have sanctioned. I know that love is blind, but marriage is an eye-opener.


Prem: Zinda murgi ke kitne? Sanjana: 100 rupaye Prem: Aur tandoori chicken ke kitne? Sanjana: 200 Prem: Ho gayi na marne ke baad value double!

Prem: How much for a live chicken? Sanjana: Rs 100 Prem: And how much for tandoori chicken? Sanjana: 200 Prem: The after that the value is doubled, right!


Prem: Teen cheez kabhi underestimate mat karna – I, me and myself.

Prem: Never underestimate three things – I, me and myself.


Mr Lehri: Sharaab aur shabbab mein ek gehra talluk hai, hum aksar nashe mein hote hai aur sham guzar jaati hai. Prem: Hmm, ek din aisa aayega jab sham nashe mein hogi aur aap guzar jaayenge.

Mr Lehri: Liquor and beauty are deeply related, we are usually drunk and the evening passes away. Prem: Hmm, there will be a day when the evening will be drunk and you will pass away.


Prem to Sanjana: Advantage uska liya jaata hai jisko add karna hota hai. Main toh tumhe minus karne ke chakkar mein hoon.

Prem to Sanjana: We take advantage of those whom we want to add. I am trying to find ways to minus you!


Prem to Sanjana: In that case, mere paas aa jao, meri suitcase!

Prem to Sanjana: In that case, come closer to me, my suitcase!

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